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IT continues to "outsource" to cloud, managed service, and other providers. As a result, IT (and the organization as a whole) becomes more reliant on these vendors, and vendor management becomes increasingly necessary to manage the relationships and manage the risks. Implementing a vendor management initiative is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.Read more

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How do you manage SaaS apps and vendors, AND keep data secure and confidential? - Knowledge Base

Manage SaaS applications and vendors without compromising security, and retain an excellent user experience.

Can you estimate usage for performance testing applications? - Applications Knowledge Base

This FAQ will give advice around creating real-world production scenarios and the considerations that must be taken to come up with an accurate calculation.

Do you have any details about online proctoring? - Data & Business Intelligence Knowledge Base

There are essentially two different forms of Online Proctoring: remote live proctoring and remote web proctoring. Determine what the vendors are currently offering and what works best for your organization.

Do you have any information related to Meaningful Use legislation? - Data & Business Intelligence Knowledge Base

Reporting and Administration as related to Meaningful Use

What are some advantages and disadvantages if I am currently considering Application Development Outsourcing? - Applications Knowledge Base

The advantages and disadvantages of application development outsourcing.

What are the pros and cons of fat and thin architectures, and will thin replace fat in the future? - Applications Knowledge Base

The future of thin client architecture and an overview of the pros and cons for fat vs. thin architectures.

Do you have information on SOA and ESB, including vendors and best practices? - Applications Knowledge Base

The reality is that although SOA (and related technologies) have been around for a number of years, the adoption rate is still fairly small. The reason for that is that it simply doesn't make sense for many businesses.

When looking at app PM methodologies, what considerations should I make? - Applications Knowledge Base

When we begin to look at project methodologies, best practices for running projects, many businesses are turning to Agile or Agile-like methods in order to find success with the deliverables.

Do you have an overview of the requirements management market? - Knowledge Base

Requirements Management Solutions are essentially a very focused subsection of the more complete ALM suite of tools. A truly comprehensive approach to traceability would archive, index, and link everything.

As a professional services firm, how do I manage my development environment from an organizational and methodological perspective? - Applications Knowledge Base

Learn how to manage application development to focus on consistency and following standard tools, environments, and techniques.

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