ITBusiness - Lax privacy rules get Google off the hook - In The News

(29-Oct-10) Weaknesses in privacy legislation both in Canada and the U.S. helped Google escape with a mere slap on the wrist over the StreetView WiFi snooping snafu, according to tech and privacy experts. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission, on Wednesday said it has closed its investigation...

Data Privacy and Data Security Are Not the Same - In The News

​Ever since the September 2017 Equifax data breach that exposed the personal information of 147 million Americans, and the many other high-profile data breaches that have happened since, data security and data privacy have become pressing boardroom-level concerns.

Businesses Aren’t Ready for California’s Data Privacy Act - In The News

Info-Tech Research Group in the News

IT World Canada - This e-mail message will self-destruct in ... - In The News

(25-May-10) Technology that promises highly secure, confidential and self-destructing messages over the Internet isn’t only available to top secret intelligence agents. Chicago, Ill.-based VaporStream Inc., which released its first demo of the VaporStream non-documentable e-mail service in...

BetaNews: Mobile app developers, don't forget about privacy and security - In The News

(27-Mar-2012) User experience is important when developing any mobile app but in an enterprise context, what about security? For example, if you are developing an app that stores personal information there are regulations that ask where this information resides. Depending on the industry,...

Top 5 Hidden Risks for CIOs - In The News

The media is awash with stories of advanced persistent threats and privacy breaches, but at least they’re well understood. For many CIOs, the really disturbing risks may be the ones that aren’t as obvious. Real Times asks several experts about the hidden risks that should be keeping CIOs up...

IT Business: Data Encryption Seldom Used by Canadian Businesses - In The News

(13-May-2012) Nearly half of Canadian businesses that handle customers' personal information in digital form fail to use appropriate tools and practices to protect sensitive data, according to a survey commissioned by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. In a poll that covered...

Cyber Experts Weigh-In on Oracle's Big TikTok US Operations Challenge - In The News

Cyber Experts Weigh-In on Oracle's Big TikTok US Operations Challenge

Contact Tracing Apps Resurgent After Early Success for Google and Apple’s Design - In The News

​After a false start based on poor software design, mobile apps for contact tracing are relaunching around the world with a privacy-first approach, and there is early promise out of Europe that these apps could make a difference in the war against COVID-19.

ITBusiness - Why you need to manage smartphone security risks - In The News

(22-Jul-10) Although there aren't any prevalent security attacks or threat mechanisms associated with smartphones in the market today, security vendors and analysts are urging mobile device users to use security best practices on them, just as they would with their computers. With recent...

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