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Learn From Real IT Professionals to Select the Right ITSM Tool the First Time

Without the right information and the right approach, ITSM tool selection takes longer, uses more resources, and yields less reliable results, which increases the lifecycle cost of the tool.

Selecting service desk (ITSM) tools is a complex, knowledge-intensive project. Even organizations with mature processes, and effective service desks, can quickly become overwhelmed with the technical and commercial information they need to select a tool that will meet business needs.

Your Challenge

  • Most organizations don’t have a consistent approach to software selection. Every tool is selected individually, selection activities are unstructured and informal, and the information generated by one search is not validated or maintained for future searches.
  • The ITSM tool landscape changes quickly, along with the features of individual tools. The landscape for ITSM software has changed significantly over the last decade. SaaS solutions have taken the market by storm, while automation and analytics have swept through existing toolsets and revolutionized their offerings.
  • Select the wrong ITSM tool and you’ll do it again. ITSM-tool churn is an accepted facet of the ITSM tool market. Whether the exact tool replacement rate is every three, five, or seven years, clients regularly purchase an ITSM tool only to find that it doesn’t meet requirements.

Our Solution

  • Understand the limitations of the old ITSM tool you are replacing and what you need from the new ITSM tool to support existing and future services, and ensure a successful implementation and migration.
  • Draw on Software Reviews to learn from the collective knowledge of real IT professionals. Know the products and features available for each ITSM toolset, explore modules and detailed feature-level data, and get a quick understanding of the market.
  • Use filtered, validated market data from real users to select your ITSM tool, convince stakeholders, and negotiate contracts confidently.
  • Use the project blueprint to get step-by-step instructions that help you plan and structure the selection process, and avoid common software selection pitfalls.

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Published: September 20, 2017
Last Revised: September 20, 2017