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2023-Q1 Research Agenda

Compelling research insights to help you navigate 2023. 

We at Info-Tech love all our research because we have the strictest publication process in the industry. But we get that sometimes you can’t read and talk to our experts on all of them. Here we share compelling research insights to help you navigate 2023.

Our research has the power to change the direction of not only your IT department but your company. It includes role-based and industry-specific content designed to tackle the problems that are top of mind for technology and other senior executive leaders and leverage Info-Tech best practices to solve them.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

Our quarterly Research Agenda Outcomes deck provides a comprehensive overview of our most up-to-date published research, offering valuable insights and best practices to assist decision makers in taking action that is informed and effective. Our research is backed by our team of expert analysts with decades of IT industry experience.

With our research, you can access the latest trends and technologies, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and keep your IT departments running at peak performance. In this way, you can confidently make decisions that lead to better outcomes and tremendous success.

Impact and Result

  1. Improved decision making: Gain valuable information and insights that can be used to make more informed and confident decisions.
  2. Increased efficiency: Access best practices and strategies that can be leveraged to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your work.
  3. Enhanced innovation: Explore new ideas and perspectives, drive innovation, and develop new products or services.
  4. Better alignment with organizational goals: Understand how IT aligns with the organization's overall goals and objectives.
  5. Better preparedness for future market trends and developments: Stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the IT field and be better prepared for the future.

2023-Q1 Research Agenda Research & Tools

1. Download the full 2023-Q1 Research Agenda to explore 14 new projects.

These pieces have the power to change the direction of your IT department.

2023-Q1 Research Agenda Report

Compelling research insights to help you navigate 2023.

“Here are my selections for the top research projects of the past two quarters.” Gord Harrison
Head of Research & Advisory
Info-Tech Research Group

2023 IT Tech Trends Report

Discover the seven trends shaping IT's path in 2023 and explore use cases for emerging technologies.

Preview image of Tech Trends

Research Team

Brian Jackson
Principal Research Director

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IT Cost Optimization in Recessionary Times

A recession is looming. The result? You may be asked to cut costs … and to do it right now.

Preview image of IT Cost Optimization in Recessionary Times

Research Team

Jennifer Perrier
Principal Research Director

Graham Price
Senior Executive Advisor

View Research

Key Metrics for Every CIO

The top six metrics for CIOs – and they have very little to do with IT.

Preview image of Key Metrics for Every CIO

Research Team

Brittany Lutes
Research Director

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The ESG Imperative and Its Impact on Organizations

Enable an active response to changing conditions.

Preview image of The ESG Imperative and Its Impact on Organizations

Research Team

Donna Bales
Principal Research Director

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ChatGPT: The Present and Future of Generative AI for Enterprises

Beyond the hype: What can it do for you?

Preview image of ChatGPT: The Present and Future of Generative AI for Enterprises

Research Team

Jeremy Roberts
Workshop Director

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Application Portfolio Management Foundations

Ensure your application portfolio delivers the best possible return on investment.

Preview image of Application Portfolio Management Foundations

Research Team

Hans Eckman
Principal Research Director

Andrew Kum-Seun
Research Director

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Build a Zero Trust Roadmap

Leverage an iterative and repeatable process to apply zero trust to your organization.

Preview image of Build a Zero Trust Roadmap

Research Team

Victor Okorie
Advisory Director

Ida Siahaan
Research Director

Ian Mulholland
Research Director

View Research

Secure IT/OT Convergence

Create a holistic IT/OT security culture.

Preview image of Secure IT/OT Convergence

Research Team

Ida Siahaan
Research Director

View Research

Secure Operations in High-Risk Jurisdictions

Assessments often omit jurisdictional risks. Are your assets exposed?

Preview image of Secure Operations in High-Risk Jurisdictions

Research Team

Michel Hébert
Research Director

Alan Tang
Principal Research Director

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Elevate Your Vendor Management Initiative

Transform your VMI from tactical to strategic to maximize its impact and value.

Preview image of Elevate Your Vendor Management Initiative

Vendor Management
Research Team

Phil Bode
Principal Research Director

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Design Your Cloud Operations

Define your target cloud operations state first, then plan how to get there.

Preview image of Design Your Cloud Operations

Infrastructure & Operations
Research Team

Nabeel Sherif
Principal Research Director

Scott Young
Principal Research Director

Andrew Sharp
Research Director

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Take Action on Service Desk Customer Feedback

Drive up CSAT scores by asking the right questions and effectively responding to user feedback.

Preview image of Take Action on Service Desk Customer Feedback

Infrastructure & Operations
Research Team

Natalie Sansone
Research Director

Emily Sugerman
Research Analyst

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Drive Ongoing Adoption With an M365 Center of Excellence

Accelerate business processes change and get more value from your subscription by building and sharing.

Preview image of Drive Ongoing Adoption With an M365 Center of Excellence

Infrastructure & Operations
Research Team

John Donovan
Principal Research Director

John Annand
Principal Advisory Director

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Shopping in the Metaverse

Identify and understand the metaverse commerce shopping impacts on retail value streams.

Preview image of Shopping in the Metaverse

Research Team

Rahul Jaiswal
Principal Research Director

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Sneak Peaks: Research Coming in Early 2023!

“Next quarter we have a big lineup of priorities reports and some great new research!” Gord Harrison
Head of Research & Advisory
Info-Tech Research Group
Set your 2023 key initiatives

CIO Priorities Report 2023

Tech trends only tell half the story. We’ve identified five key priorities for the CIO to consider as part of their key initiative plan.

Security Priorities 2023

Key initiatives for CISOs and security leaders to consider in 2023.

Infrastructure Priorities 2023

Key initiatives for infrastructure leaders to consider in 2023.

Applications Priorities 2023

Key initiatives for applications leaders to consider in 2023.

Hybrid Work Trends 2023

So many things have changed in the last three years that it’s hard to know which are trends and which are transitions.

Other featured research coming soon…

Data & Analytics Trends

Sooner or later, you will be in the data business!

Hire or Develop a World-Class CISO

Find a strategic and security-focused champion for your business.

The Accessibility Business Case for IT

Accessibility goes beyond compliance.

Get the Most Out of Agile to Become a Trusted Business Partner

Understand Agile fundamentals, principles, and practices so you can apply them effectively in your organization.

Take the First Steps to Embrace Open-Source Software

Begin to understand what is required to embrace open-source software in your organization.

The Small Enterprise Guide to People & Resource Management

Quickly start getting the right people, with the right skills, at the right time.

Build Foundational Structure With Information Architecture

Structure the labels, taxonomies, and ontologies that will deliver long-lasting value to the organization.

Mitigate the Risk of Cloud Downtime and Data Loss

Resilience and disaster recovery in an increasingly cloudy and SaaSy world.

The Inevitability of Multicloud

Embracing the heterogeneous ecosystem is worth it; you just need a cohesive strategy.

Ensure DRP and BCP Compliance With Industry Standards

Cut through the noise to create an effective and compliant DRP and BCP.

Industry Featured Research

We are constantly providing innovative ways to easily consume our practical research. Explore our industry research, which offers more insight-driven thought models and frameworks to guide you to the most compelling and action-oriented resources for your industry.

Industry | Gaming & Hospitality
Build a Market-Ready iGaming Strategy

Avoid leaving your online casino strategy to chance.

Industry | Retail & Wholesale
The Retail Store of the Future

How the retail store is transforming to meet customer needs.

Industry | Utilities
Grid Modernization – Optimize Opportunities and Minimize Risks

Buckle-up for the acceleration in electric utilities.

Industry | Healthcare
The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Value-Based Care Delivery

Four steps to connecting “upstream” SDOH conditions to “downstream” outcomes.

Info-Tech Research Leadership Team

“We have a world-class team of experts focused on providing practical, cutting-edge IT research and advice.” Gord Harrison
Head of Research & Advisory
Info-Tech Research Group

Jack Hakimian
Senior Vice President
Research Development

Aaron Shum
Vice President
Security & Privacy Research

Larry Fretz
Vice President
Industry Research

Mark Tauschek
Vice President
Research Fellowship

Tom Zehren
Chief Product Officer

Rick Pittman
Vice President
Advisory Quality & Delivery

Nora Fisher
Vice President
Shared Services

Becca Mackey
Vice President

Geoff Nielson
Senior Vice President
Global Services & Delivery

Brett Rugroden
Senior Vice President
Global Market Programs

Hannes Scheidegger
Senior Vice President
Global Public Sector

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