Meet the Manufacturing Sector Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): Steve Schmidt, Chris Goodhue

Manufacturing is big business for Info-Tech, and so is our dedicated Manufacturing research and advisory services team’s ambition: Ensure that our members in manufacturing companies consistently receive exceptional value from their investment with Info-Tech! We do that by providing material, ongoing support for IT leaders in manufacturing on key IT initiatives, personal/professional development, peer networking, and career advancement. Our mission is to help our members build an Exponential IT Mindset and embrace autonomization and the next generation of technology to deliver world-class manufacturing capabilities.

Our team of highly seasoned Executive Counselors combines deep IT leadership experience in manufacturing and related industries with exhaustive knowledge of Info-Tech’s products and services. They help members get the best ROI possible by drawing on a comprehensive library of IT best practices, creating a flexible plan for getting the most from research and advisory services, leveraging their personal and professional experience, and helping clients solve the problems they face.

Meet Your Dedicated Manufacturing Leadership Team

Manufacturing Managing Partners

Chris Goodhue
Managing Partner, Non-Durable Goods

Chris’ professional experience spans more than 30 years as an individual contributor and executive leader in the world’s most successful IT research and executive services delivery organizations. His IT journey began in software startups and led him to Gartner where he spent nearly a decade as an analyst and research team leader. Chris then spent several years in Gartner Executive Programs as a Program Director and then as Managing VP for delivery across the Americas. Chris was later recruited to AMR Research where he led a seasoned research team in manufacturing and supply chain technology before returning to Gartner where he spent another eight years as VP & Program Director for Research Board. There he fostered C-level relationships, organized and facilitated high-value peer exchanges, and co-led major, forward-looking research studies. Prior to joining Info-Tech, Chris was VP, CIO Strategy and Executive Advisory Services at IDC. Chris holds a Bachelor's in Geology and Music and resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Steve Schmidt
Sr. Managing Partner, Durable Goods

Steve brings over four decades of experience in manufacturing, including 25 years in IT leadership. His IT expertise spans commercial software development, infrastructure & operations, cybersecurity, ERP, and GRC. As the Global CIO & CISO, Steve spearheaded a successful transformation of IT into a single global function, serving as a model for the business. His career encompasses roles in electronic engineering, software development, R&D, and C-suite leadership. Steve's industry experience spans aerospace, defense, semiconductor manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, consumer packaged goods, construction, critical infrastructure, and commercial software development within publicly traded, private equity, and family-owned organizations. His educational background includes an MS in Computer Information Systems, an MBA, and a BS in Industrial Technology and Electronics.

What drives us in our roles as Managing Partners is to see our teams empowered and passionate about delivering their very best to Info-Tech members and helping those members excel in their careers. Whether it’s working collaboratively across teams or directly with members, we aspire to see everyone achieve their personal, professional, and business goals. Being in an exciting, fast-moving industry and having the opportunity to engage with members on challenging problems in diverse client environments makes every day an adventure.

Manufacturing Executive Services Team

Craig Broussard
Executive Counselor

Craig brings over 35 years of IT expertise encompassing software development, system management, infrastructure, cybersecurity operations, and IT service management. He is a frequently requested speaker and panelist. Previous roles include IT leadership positions at NCH Corporation, ATOS, and Nokia Siemens Networks, and MicroSolutions (under Mark Cuban's leadership) and formal consulting training at IBM Global Services. His extensive IT experience positions him as an ideal partner for Info-Tech members.

John Burwash
Executive Counselor

John has over 30 years of diverse IT leadership experience across various industries and global geographies and excels in guiding both business and technology leaders to maximize Info-Tech's resources for genuine business value. His expertise encompasses IT operations, business alignment, technology innovation, business transformation, and start-ups. As a former CIO at a leading North American seafood company and in senior roles at a global automotive supplier, John’s extensive career traverses manufacturing, transportation, and food and beverages. He also co-founded organic food start-ups, showcasing entrepreneurial prowess alongside his corporate leadership experience.

Donn Griffin
Executive Counselor

Donn is a technology executive, with 20 years of visionary experience aligning IT with business strategies for growth. His expertise lies in digital transformation and inspiring tech-led progress. As a servant leader, he’s adept at various senior roles like CIO, CTO, and technical management. Notable achievements include reviving underperforming teams, enhancing infrastructure reliability, establishing global cybersecurity, and leading regulatory compliance efforts for a publicly traded company. His adeptness at guiding technology leaders to leverage research tools for business value is evident, alongside his involvement with nonprofit boards as a CIO and CTO.

Micah Harkin
Sr. Executive Advisor

Micah has deep experience partnering with technology leaders and teams on transformative programs yielding significant business outcomes. With a rich background in leading global initiatives, Micah excels at navigating challenges and driving change in complex organizations. Her most recent experience spanned multiple divisions, including supply chain, manufacturing, technology, and operational risk management at Nike, Inc. Micah's approach to engaging with Info-Tech members focuses on collaboration and a deliberate effort to drive clarity and alignment across all stakeholders.

Duraid Ibrahim
Executive Counselor

Duraid is a skilled technology and transformation leader with a rich background in IT strategy, product development, and project delivery across diverse industries and multiple countries. His expertise spans various business domains, technology platforms, architecture, and software development. He is passionate about promoting a culture of commitment, innovation, agility, continuous delivery, and transformative initiatives in global settings. Duraid holds a Master's degree in computer science.

John Leidl
Executive Counselor

With over 35 years in IT, including VP and C-level roles, John specializes in technology innovation, business alignment, operational excellence, and digital transformation. His significant experience spans sectors including higher education, financial services, digital marketing, and arts/entertainment. Previously a CTO at TUKU Inc. and the Ivey Business School, John has also held leadership positions at TC Media delivering digital solutions for global retailers. John’s experience in developing IT strategies, leading large digital transformations, and managing the deployment of mission-critical CRM, ERP, and ATM solutions brings focus to the “IT as a partner” vision for technology organizations everywhere.

Hank Leingang
Executive Counselor

Hank is a seasoned transformational CIO and IT consultant with 30+ years of experience focused on driving pragmatic, business-oriented IT change management. His roles have spanned full-time and interim C-suite positions and IT and digital strategy consulting projects across diverse, global organizations. Notably, as a transformational CIO at Viacom, Bechtel, and Triangle Industries, he orchestrated significant change driving revenue growth and operational excellence. Hank holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Administration and an MBA.

Heather Munoz
Sr. Executive Counselor

Heather offers 25+ years of deep expertise supporting CIOs in various industries across the globe. She provides expert guidance and counsel on a broad spectrum of IT and business endeavors including IT strategy, business alignment, stakeholder engagement, organizational change, leadership development, application development, and project management and prioritization. Prior to joining Info-Tech, Heather was an Executive Partner with Gartner. During her tenure with Gartner, she served as a trusted advisor to CIOs at over 300 organizations across multiple industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, pharma/life sciences, higher education, and state and local government.

Sarah Pletcher
Executive Counselor

Sarah, with 27+ years in IT leadership, excels in strategy, digital transformations, GRC, and management. Her skills span strategy alignment, risk management, vendor negotiations, data operations, and project/relationship management across various sectors. With pivotal roles like COO, CTO, and Sr. VP, she showcased expertise in non-profit services, consulting, and aero structures. As a Global IT Director, she led the integration of seven acquisitions, reshaping their tech landscape. Her proficiency in security frameworks and successful M&A tech transformations demonstrates her significant contributions to diverse industry sectors.

Gary Rietz
Executive Counselor

Gary is an experienced CIO, specializing in enhancing business performance and driving growth in consumer-packaged goods, food manufacturing, and business services. His notable roles include CIO positions at prominent companies, focusing on turnaround strategies and infrastructure improvements. His expertise extends from building business intelligence platforms to successfully implementing ERP solutions and strategic IT plans, further streamlining IT organizations. Holding an MBA in Finance and Economics and a BSc in Accounting and Computer Science, Gary's achievements span stabilizing IT functions, executing multimillion-dollar plans, and implementing manufacturing management systems.

Vicki Van Alphen
Executive Counselor

Vicki has deep expertise contextualizing Info-Tech resources and frameworks to help CIOs and IT leaders amplify their leadership acumen. With an 11-year Gartner background, she guides CIOs across industries in leadership development, stakeholder communications, strategy, and team development and effectiveness. Vicki emphasizes the importance of strong leadership, effective teams, and organizational health in navigating disruptive industry and organizational changes. She is deeply skilled at developing trusted client partnerships and advocates a collaborative approach to enhance client leaders' self-awareness and strengths while addressing challenges, blind spots, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Sallie Wright
Executive Counselor

Sallie has a diverse career spanning various industries and leadership roles. Her notable positions include CIO for Fulton County, transforming government systems, and roles in higher education as Interim CIO and Assistant Vice President, focusing on cybersecurity initiatives. Her experience extends from managing IT for a major importer of fresh flowers to directing technology support in a startup division. Across Fortune 100 companies and oil-related enterprises, she led initiatives in process control, materials management, and reclamation systems. Her educational background includes an MA, a BS, and CISSP certification.

Manufacturing Industry Research Team

Kevin Tucker
Principal Research Director

Kevin, a Principal Research Director and Manufacturing & Supply Chain Industry Lead, boasts extensive experience in manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain management. An IT/OT expert, he focuses on driving advancements to Industry 4.0 and Energy 4.0, leading digital transformations, and managing mergers and acquisitions. As a Global IT Leader, Kevin successfully integrated OT and IT systems, overseeing ERPs, networks, process enhancements, governance, and various systems across diverse cultures. He collaborates with industry members to ensure effective and efficient business solutions, aiming to provide thought leadership for successful transformational initiatives.

Shreyas Shukla
Principal Director Research

Shreyas, an adept supply chain professional with a management consulting background, excels in supply chain strategy, operations, and digital transformation. His expertise spans business-technology intersection, agile project management, and a spectrum of project deliveries including reengineering, digital roadmap development, platform implementations, and change management across automotive, transportation, consumer goods, food & beverage, mining, and retail sectors worldwide. Holding an MBA specializing in IT Management and a Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Shreyas brings a wealth of experience in critical initiatives to Info-Tech.

How we help our members succeed

The Executive Service Manufacturing Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides business and technology leaders on how to accelerate delivery of their key initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech’s core products.

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The Manufacturing team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide our members with a one-stop-shop for all blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited, independent, and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step blueprints and production-ready templates that accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark-backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk, we roll up our sleeves and create consulting-quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

Every publication is a practical, research-backed guide supported by actionable advice on how to overcome the challenges technology leaders face today. In a time of significant economic uncertainty, and technology disruption and innovation, informed decision making at speed is critical. The Manufacturing team combines a deep knowledge of how you can leverage Info-Tech’s practical, actionable approach to research and advisory services with extensive industry experience in automotive, aerospace, construction, goods transportation and logistics, food and beverage manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods. The team also has significant expertise in the retail and wholesale industries. Our mission is to help members rapidly make data-driven decisions backed by robust research that empowers companies to deliver exceptional business value enabled by technology.

Our perspective on the current state of Manufacturing

Our mission in manufacturing is driven by the recognition that there is a growing need for continuous innovation and modernization in manufacturing and supply chain environments. Economic headwinds, aging IT and operational estates, siloed and inconsistent data, requirements for new skills, and increased concerns over cyber threats are driving an imperative to modernize, innovate, get more efficient, contain and optimize costs, and decrease risks. In a world where exponential technologies are converging rapidly, our experiences and insights will help IT professionals in manufacturing to identify opportunities to accelerate transformation and bridge gaps to optimize IT’s performance and maximize business outcomes. We see a growing and essential need for Manufacturing IT leaders to continue focusing on building foundational IT capabilities but also a need to adopt an Exponential IT Mindset, and we’re here to help them embrace and accelerate transformation. Four major priorities have emerged in the context of Exponential IT.

Unlock Exponential IT Capabilities in Manufacturing

Embrace Autonomization

Go beyond a digital strategy to lead the business of with autonomous AI-powered solutions and vendor relationships that create value and differentiation.

Digital Transformation Research Center

Artificial Intelligence Research Center

Unlock the Potential of Adaptive Delivery

Implement adaptive governance, agile portfolio and project management, product ownership, and business relationship management to drive exceptional results. See more in our
Product Lifecycle Management Research Center.

Differentiate With the Power of Data

Bring together data strategy, governance, architecture, management, and data literacy to unleash the power of data in your organization. Accelerate your journey with our

Data and Analytics Research Center.

Build a Robust Information Security Practice

Build a robust security practice based on a holistic strategy based on zero trust, a team with the right capability and capacity, and insurance against incidents with our

Security Research Center.

Within the manufacturing sector, the acceleration of technology has two key elements that need to work together – IT and OT. Manufacturing IT and OT have their own growth curves and the past is proof that the velocity of IT innovation outpaces the velocity of OT innovation. While we believe this trend of differential growth rates will continue, manufacturers are moving in a direction where convergence will become mainstream in the short to medium term. Exponential IT will impact the growth curves for both IT and OT and most, if not all, innovations in the future of manufacturing technology will have both components. Consequently, the manufacturing industry is poised at an important inflection point where it will start to shift from “smart” to “adaptive-cognitive” capabilities.

Manufacturing Sector Research Resources

Info-Tech is known for highly practical and actionable blueprints and templates but also its repository of industry content designed to expedite crucial initiatives within an industry context. Here are some pointers to Info-Tech’s manufacturing resources:

Representative Info-Tech Manufacturing Industry Resources

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