Templates & Policies

Cloud Strategy Document

This template, part of the blueprint, Own the Cloud: Strategy and Action Plan, will serve as a repository of information about your goals and the steps you're taking to...

Cloud Strategy Executive Presentation Template

This template, part of the blueprint, Own the Cloud: Strategy and Action Plan, will help you communicate the results of your cloud strategy project to both technical and...

Checklist for Third-Party Providers

Ensure you are getting the level of service you expect.

Security Operations Policy for Third-Party Outsourcing

Ensure secure operations of information processing with regards to implementation of an external third party.

Third-Party Security Policy Charter Template

Make sure you that your desire to outsource matches your organization's security mandate.

Big Data Execution Plan Presentation

The Big Data Execution Plan Presentation will help you to communicate your strategy for your big data tools, as well as the rationale behind that strategy.

DR Solution Executive Presentation Template

Garner executive buy-in by clearly documenting the DR solution analysis process and establish a strong business case for any investments.

Security Awareness Training Procedural Policy

Formalize your security awareness and training program into a policy to ensure that your employees are held accountable.

Media Protection Procedural Policy

Use Info-Tech's Media Protection Procedural Policy to define the level of protection mechanisms that will exist to protect your media.

System Configuration Procedural Policy

​This Systems Configuration Policy applies to all information systems and information system components of the organization.
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