Templates & Policies

IT Update Stakeholders Interview Guide

This tool will help determine stakeholder needs while uncovering critical items.

Video Surveillance Policy

Use Info-Tech's Video Surveillance Policy to define and document the use and necessary controls of your video surveillance program.

Data Classification Steering Committee Charter

Use this template to define a formal charter for your Data Classification Steering Committee by clearly listing goals, expectations, and agenda items.

Data Classification Policy

Use this template to document a formal policy to define your data classification program.

Data Classification Standard

Use this template to thoroughly outline details of the data classification program, including classification levels, data handling requirements, and disclaimers.

Data Classification Awareness Material

This template can be customized and used as either a pamphlet or a poster to educate your organization on the importance of data classification.

Innovation Program Mandate and Terms of Reference Template

This template will help you to set realistic goals for your innovation program and provide you with a document to go back to in order to ensure consistency in mission for...

Innovation Program Overview Presentation Template

This template will help you to gain buy-in from stakeholders for the innovation program.

Appreciative Inquiry Questionnaire

This template will help you to brainstorm the ideal state of your innovations and innovation program using a positive mindset.

Executive Buy-In Presentation Template

This PowerPoint template will guide you to present the objectives and benefits of the BRM program in order to get the buy-in necessary to implement.
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