Templates & Policies

Data Privacy Program Report

This template outlines the operations of your organization's data privacy program by presenting specific metrics across all twelve areas of data privacy, in a digestible...

Data Processing Agreement Template

Use this template to formalize and document your data controller and processor obligations.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Process Template

Use this template to help you formalize your data protection impact assessment (DPIA) process.

Standard Contractual Clauses Template

Use this template to help you formalize your process for cross-boarder data transfer.

Strategy-on-a-Page Template

This template uses sample data from "Acme Corp" to demonstrate an ideal IT strategy-on-a-page. Use this template to document your final strategy outputs including...

Hospital Industry Reference Architecture Template

Use this template in conjunction with the Hospital Industry Reference Architecture.

Security Awareness Month Materials

October is Security Awareness Month and we’ve built four decks for you to share. Use these decks to remind your end users of security best practices.

iLottery Requirements Workbook

Use this deliverable to record the outcomes of blueprint activities and leverage the information in gathering and prioritizing requirements.

DevOps Roadmap Template

Use this template to help you define and detail the journey of your DevOps transition.

Embrace a Sportsbook to Drive Fan Experience and Engagement – Executive Brief

Reach this executive brief to discover the case for embracing a sportsbook initiative in your organization and to understand why a sportsbook initiative is crucial to...
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