Elevate IT

Leadership Training for High Potential IT Talent.

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Elevate IT is a leadership development program that aims to develop your future leaders by nurturing your current high-potential staff.

Maximize retention and productivity

IT skills are in high demand in today's business landscape and developing them is one of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders.

Build a world-class professional network

Elevate IT allows your top performers to network in a learning environment, building experiential bonds that last a lifetime. They receive exposure to a variety of industries as well as other high performers.

Develop and deploy critical skills for future IT functions

Elevate IT addresses the gap between the growing demands for future IT leaders and development programs that historically focused more on technical mastery than on capabilities such as leadership, talent development, innovation, client engagement, and executive engagement.

Program Design Principles

Elevate IT takes a different approach to learning by embracing an experiential style that focuses on peer-to-peer discovery and discussion focused on key leadership topics. Program participants will learn the frameworks they need to determine how to perform in real-world situations, supported by in-person practice during sessions.

Peer-to-Peer Discovery

Elevate IT uses peer-to-peer discovery as a key learning method because it is highly engaging and has strong memory value. Peer learning is much more likely to be retained for later use than lecture-based learning alone.

Experiential Rather than Lecture Learning

Elevate IT embraces experiential learning because of its potential to drive business value. Learning that is immediately applied into functionally specific and business-relevant contexts dramatically increases the likelihood that new behaviors will become productive work habits.

Curriculum for Top IT Performers

Elevate IT spans 10 months, including 6 days of in-person experiences with high potential staff from other leading organizations and 360-degree assessments before and after the program to quantify improvements.

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