Existing CRM-AX License Summary Worksheet

This tool captures information on all of your existing, current, and legacy server and CALs licenses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-Premises License Transition Mapping Tool

This tool will walk you through the actual mapping of on-premises Server/CALs to Dynamics 365 cloud equivalent user-based license and step-up options to plans. To be used...

Microsoft Licensing Programs Brief Overview

This document will provide you with an overview of Microsoft licensing programs that can be used to buy and manage Dynamics 365 licenses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cost Estimator

This tool will provide an estimate of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud user licensing costs and give you a costing model for transition options.

VAR Information and Scorecard Workbook

This tool will allow you to gather all the information about your VAR and score their performance over time for review and improvement.

VAR Listing and Prioritization Tool

This tool will allow you to capture your VAR portfolio in one list where they can be prioritized to allow for focused improvement.

VAR Features Checklist Tool

This tool will allow you to review VAR features and benefits to create a checklist for your organization's requirements.

VAR Profile and EvaluRation Tool

This tool will allow you to capture and rate each benefit that your VAR offers and that you use. In addition, it will rate them side by side and classify them in the...

Agile Contracts Playbook-Checklist

Use this tool when reviewing or negotiating Agile contracts.

After Negotiations Tool

This tool will help you conduct the debrief and evaluation sessions at various points in the negotiation process.
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