Service Desk - Templates & Policies

Service Support Strategy Worksheet

This template will help you document the service support strategy as you work through the project blueprint.

Service Desk Improvement Presentation Template

This template will help you communicate the results of your service desk improvement projects to your leadership team.

Service Desk Ticket Intake Workflow Samples

This template contains examples of ticket intake workflows.

Service Desk Site Visit Checklist Template

Some upfront planning can lead to more valuable site visits and more prevented incidents.

Pilot Project Plan Template

Use the Pilot Project Plan Template in conjunction with the blueprint, Build a Swarming Pilot Project to establish your pilot project goals, document the processes,...

Pilot Project Communication Strategy Template

This template is intended to be a communication resource for managers as well as senior leaders. It can be customized as appropriate to act as a resource for employees or...

Mentoring Program Guidelines

Use the Mentoring Program Guidelines Template to help you document your mentoring program.

Recognition Program Guide

Use the Recognition Program Guide to document the recognition program and as a recognition resource for managers.

Employee Recognition Nomination Form

Use the Employee Recognition Nomination Form for employees to nominate their peers to be recognized.

Internal Communications Strategy Template

Use the Internal Communications Strategy to increase buy-in, boost morale, and increase productivity.
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