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Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study: Business Process Flowcharts

Business Process Flowcharts for Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study

Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study: Tabletop Planning Results

Tabletop Planning Results for Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study

Pilot Project Plan Template

Use the Pilot Project Plan Template in conjunction with the blueprint, Build a Swarming Pilot Project to establish your pilot project goals, document the processes,...

Pilot Project Communication Strategy Template

This template is intended to be a communication resource for managers as well as senior leaders. It can be customized as appropriate to act as a resource for employees or...

DRP BIA Scoring Context Example

Record assumptions you made in the DRP BIA to explain the results and drive business engagement and feedback.

DRP Recovery Workflow Template

Build your own current state and desired state DRP recovery workflow based on Info-Tech's template.

DRP Vendor Evaluation Questionnaire

Ask vendors to describe their DRP capabilities.

Severity Definitions and Escalation Rules Template

Review severity definitions and escalation rules to determine when DR takes over from service management.

DRP Recap and Results Template

Summarize and present key findings and recommendations from core DRP exercises and documents.

Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire

Use the Collaboration Assessment Questionnaire to gain an understanding of the issues your departments face and prioritize your next steps with their input in mind.
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