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Right-Size the Governance Model for Your ECM Program

Operationalize and optimize your ECM program through effective governance.

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Implementing an ECM solution without governance leads to:

  • Recreating the sins of the past with regards to information organization.
  • Inconsistent designs, standards, and expectations.
  • Poor adoption and high operational costs.

Planning your ECM governance upfront leads to:

  • Systematic and repeatable capability roll-outs.
  • Consistent designs, standards, and expectations.
  • High adoption rates and lower maintenance costs.

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Module 1: Structure the ECM Governance Project

The Purpose

  • Determine the major gaps preventing you from attaining your desired ECM governance maturity and craft a vision to coordinate all projects.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Embrace the ten principles of ECM governance into plans.
  • Build consensus among stakeholders for ECM governance plans.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Workshop introduction, overview of activities, and educational primer.
  • ECM Governance Educational Primer
1.2 Complete organizational context assessment to level-set understanding.
  • ECM Governance Maturity Assessment
1.3 Review and finalize project drivers, objectives, and scope.
  • ECM Governance Project Scope
1.4 Determine ECM governance vision and mission statements.
  • ECM Governance Vision and Mission

Module 2: Determine Your ECM Governance Model

The Purpose

Right-size the structure, roles, functions, and policies included in your ECM governance model.

Key Benefits Achieved

Understand the ECM governance art of the possible and make informed decisions about the model you will adopt.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Review spectrum of ECM governance models and select the high-level aspirational model.
2.2 Determine a structure for the ECM governance model.
  • ECM Governance Structure
2.3 Review and identify necessary roles for the ECM governance model.
  • ECM Governance Roles
2.4 Identify and define the functions necessary as part of your ECM governance model.
  • ECM Governance Functions
2.5 Identify policies to support ECM governance.
  • Information Governance Policies

Module 3: Plan the Next Release of Your ECM Governance Model

The Purpose

Build a roadmap of work initiatives to establish and evolve your ECM governance model.

Key Benefits Achieved

Robust, well-thought-out ECM governance project plan.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Set ECM program performance metrics.
  • ECM Program Performance Metrics
3.2 Develop ECM governance work initiatives and roadmap.
  • ECM Governance Roadmap (Establish and Optimize)
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