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Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts

When IT cuts costs, everyone feels it.

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Without taking a value-based approach to cost cutting:

  • IT can be unsure of which costs to cut first.
  • IT can make the wrong cuts, resulting in backlash from the business.
  • Cuts can be made by the business without IT's involvement.

Taking a value-based approach to cost cutting:

  • Protects key capabilities and assets.
  • Builds reputation of IT as a leader in the organization.
  • Helps the company improve profitability.

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Module 1: Understand the Mandate and Take Immediate Action

The Purpose

  • Determine your cost-optimization stance.
  • Build momentum with quick wins.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understand the internal and external drivers behind your cost-cutting mandate and the types of initiatives that align with it.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Develop SMART project metrics.
1.2 Dissect the mandate.
  • Project metrics and mandate documentation
1.3 Identify your cost-cutting stance.
1.4 Select and implement quick wins.
  • List of quick-win initiatives
1.5 Plan to report progress to Finance.

Module 2: Select Cost-Cutting Initiatives

The Purpose

  • Create the plan for your cost-cutting initiatives.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Choose the correct initiatives for your roadmap.
  • Create a sensible and intelligent roadmap for the cost-cutting initiatives.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify cost-cutting initiatives.
  • High-level cost-cutting initiatives
2.2 Select initiatives.
2.3 Build a roadmap.
  • Cost-cutting roadmap

Module 3: Get Approval for Your Cost-Cutting Plan and Adopt Change Management Best Practices

The Purpose

  • Finalize the cost-cutting plan and present it to the business.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Attain engagement with key stakeholders.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Customize your cost-cutting plan.
  • Cost-cutting plan
3.2 Create stakeholder engagement plans.
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
3.3 Monitor cost savings.
  • Cost-monitoring plan
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