Create a Strategy and Roadmap for Office 365

You are going to move to Office 365; your need for SharePoint functionality determines when.

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If you resist moving to Office 365 you will see:

  • High overhead for maintaining the supporting infrastructure for SharePoint, Exchange, and Office.
  • SharePoint does not meet user needs.
  • Users are going rogue for mobile content creation.

Moving to Office 365 can:

  • Reduce long-term infrastructure spend.
  • Optimize resourcing for SharePoint and Exchange.

Module 1: Evaluate Office 365 needs

The Purpose

  • Define the realistic cost of Office 365.
  • Evaluate key metrics for Office 365 value.
  • Define organizational future needs for Office 365.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An understanding of the benefits and drawbacks to Office 365.
  • A clear view of your spend with Microsoft.
  • Define the capacity and use of key Microsoft licenses.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the current needs for content based on user needs.
  • A license based view of your current use of Office 365 related applications and infrastructure and the cost of replacing those licenses with Office 365
1.2 Evaluate the growth of information in the organization
  • A go/no-go decision on Office 365.
1.3 Map the gaps in your current strategy

Module 2: Build a roadmap for Office 365

The Purpose

  • Identify technical gaps for moving to Office 365.
  • Identify key infrastructure time points.
  • Combine the organization needs with best practices for Office 365.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A complete timeline view of the projects needed to implement Office 365.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Define the current IT skill set
  • Identify the necessary before, during, and after projects for Office 365 success.
2.2 Define when storage will be a critical concern
2.3 Set start and finish dates for Office 365
2.4 Build a timeline
  • A single inclusive timeline of projects.

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