Meet the Professional Services, Real Estate and Property Management, and Technology, Media, and Telecom Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): John Kemp, Reiaz Somji, Neil de Ridder, Richard Treglown, Justin St-Maurice

Meet Your Dedicated Professional Services, Real Estate and Property Management, and Technology, Media, and Telecom Leadership Team

In today's dynamic business environment, industries are undergoing remarkable changes. Whether you're in the Professional Services sector, where we guide you through economic shifts and evolving client expectations, or in the dynamic Real Estate and Property Management industry, influenced by market dynamics and tenant preferences, Info-Tech serves as your trusted ally. We offer tailored research, coaching, and mentoring services that enhance service quality, client satisfaction, operational efficiency, and overall business growth.

For those in the Nonprofit sector, we stand as a strategic advisor, aiding nonprofit leaders in maximizing their organizational impact. This includes enhancing fundraising efforts, program effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission fulfillment.

In the fast-evolving Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) industry, Info-Tech offers research, coaching, and mentoring services that keep leaders at the forefront of innovation. Our services enable organizations to optimize their value, covering aspects such as product development, audience engagement, operational efficiency, and overall business growth.

No matter the industry you belong to, our commitment is to ensure that our members receive exceptional value from their investment in our advisory services, fostering an exponential mindset to effectively navigate the ever-changing landscape and seize opportunities for growth and success.

Your Gateway to Expertise Across Diverse Industries

At Info-Tech, we're prepared to be your partner across a spectrum of dynamic industries. Whether you're navigating the intricate landscape of the Professional Services sector, steering the mission of Nonprofits and Professional Associations, pioneering innovation in Technology, Media, and Telecom, or managing the complexities of Real Estate and Property Management, our team stands ready to provide the expertise and guidance you need.

Our team possesses profound expertise and an in-depth understanding of Info-Tech's offerings. We provide material support for key IT initiatives, along with personal benefits such as professional development coaching, peer networking, and career advancement, as professionals build an Exponential IT Mindset to achieve their digital aspirations.

Professional Services Industry: Meeting Modern Demands

In the Professional Services industry, there's a need to embrace digital transformation and adapt to evolving client expectations. Challenges include talent management, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency. Professionals require support in navigating these complexities, focusing on personal development, recruitment, and retention.

Nonprofit and Professional Associations: Embracing Change for Impact

Nonprofits and professional associations grapple with financial sustainability, donor engagement, and demonstrating their impact. Staying relevant in a digital world is crucial, demanding strategies for fundraising, member engagement, and innovative technology adoption. Our advisory services aim to help these organizations effectively fulfill their missions.

Technology, Media, and Telecom: Pioneering Innovation

In the ever-evolving world of technology, media, and telecom, rapid innovation is the norm. Firms must stay ahead of market conditions, capitalize on digital opportunities, and manage global expansion. Our team, with deep expertise in these sectors, provides essential guidance for seizing the potential of disruptive technologies.

Real Estate and Property Management: Navigating the Market

The real estate and property management industry faces challenges tied to market dynamics, sustainability, and technology adoption. Competition is fierce, and firms need strategies to attract and retain clients. Our services support organizations in staying competitive, efficient, and adaptable to market changes.

Neil de Ridder, Managing Partner, Professional Services

With 36 years of IT experience, 23 years of technology professional consulting services, and 13 years in senior leadership positions including 10 years as a CIO, Neil brings a broad view of technologies and industries, including professional services, telecommunications, midstream and upstream energy, utilities, federal/provincial government, retail, financial services, agriculture, and space.

Neil specializes in working with companies in growth, change, and transformation strategies. He has successfully implemented digital and business transformations, cloud, and managed services, IT organizational redesigns, and corporate M&A transactions.

Professional Services, Real Estate, and TMT Executive Services Team

John Kemp, Executive Counselor

John is accountable for value recognition among our client’s leadership teams. By helping to unlock client potential through Info-Tech’s tools and services, John supports ongoing incremental improvement of client’s success stories with their primary stakeholders and partners.

During John’s 40+-year career in technology, John has been the CIO of Grant Thornton in Canada and a Vice President of I/O and Service Delivery at CIBC Mellon. Having served in the military, worked in Telecommunications with AT&T Canada, Entertainment with Alliance Atlantis. In his own consultancy, John developed experience across a broad range of industries, addressing challenges to technology improvement and delivery in government and private sector environs.

Reiaz Somji, Executive Counsellor

As a client-focused strategist with strong organizational acumen, Reiaz leverages his 20+ years of management consulting experience to help C-suite executives and managers navigate the integration of changing technology with business goals. He is currently a managing director in Info-Tech’s consulting division and leads its Infrastructure practice.

During his 11 years at Info-Tech, Reiaz has also led the IT Strategy and IT Security practices. His advisory experience spans business and IT strategy, M&A due diligence, IT roadmaps, organizational redesign, ERP and vendor selection, cloud and infrastructure assessments, disaster recovery planning, business continuity, and IT-led enterprise innovation.

Richard Treglown, Executive Counselor

Richard is a versatile, charismatic technology executive with 26 years of global IT experience and 15 years in senior leadership roles.

Before joining Info-Tech, he held several IT leadership positions at Hines, an industry-leading commercial real estate development and investment firm. Most recently, Richard served as VP of Global IT Service Delivery, responsible for Service Desk and Infrastructure operations across 27 countries worldwide.

In addition, Richard held responsibility for various other IT functions, including enterprise project management, vendor management, and procurement.

Professional Services Industry Research Team

Justin St-Maurice – Principal Research Director

Dr. Justin St-Maurice is a Principal Research Director for Info-Tech Research Group.

His background is rooted by formal education in systems engineering and informatics. Justin has had a career implementing technology, leading innovation, and supporting digital transformations, mostly in postsecondary and primary healthcare. He ran his own VAR business, consulting practice, and training center; navigated the height of the pandemic as an executive at a polytechnic college; and worked as a senior technical product manager at one of Canada's fastest-growing unicorns.

How we help our members succeed

The PS Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides Business and Technology leaders on how to accelerate delivery of their key initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech’s core products.

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The Professional Services Team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide our members with one stop for all the blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited independent and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step guides and production-ready templates that accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk, we roll up our sleeves and create consulting quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

Unleashing Innovation in Four Industries

Professional Services:

Embracing digital evolution, reinventing governance, and fostering collaborative partnerships are crucial for IT leaders in the Professional Services industry. With demand for digital solutions, professionals need an Exponential IT mindset to meet client expectations and navigate a dynamic landscape.

  • Digital Transformation for Client Engagement: Implementing advanced digital tools and strategies to enhance client interaction, streamline communication, and deliver personalized services.
  • Governance for Data Security: Reinventing governance models to ensure data security and compliance with evolving regulations, safeguarding sensitive client information.
  • Collaborative Partner Ecosystem: Building strategic partnerships with industry peers, software vendors, and regulatory bodies to drive innovation, expand service offerings, and improve industry standards.

Nonprofit and Professional Associations:

In the Nonprofit and Professional Associations sectors, adopting digital transformation, redefining governance structures, and cultivating strategic partnerships are essential for organizational leaders. As demand for digital and Gen AI solutions continues to rise, professionals in these industries must cultivate an Exponential IT mindset to meet the needs of their members and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Member-Centric Digital Transformation: Leveraging digital solutions to create member-centric experiences, enhancing online engagement, and providing personalized resources.
  • Governance for Transparency: Redefining governance structures to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with nonprofit regulations, enhancing trust among members and stakeholders.
  • Strategic Alliances: Cultivating strategic partnerships with other nonprofit organizations, government bodies, and corporate sponsors to expand reach, pool resources, and achieve collective impact.

Technology, Media, and Telecom:

Embracing digital evolution, reinventing governance, and automating core functions are vital for success in these sectors. Meeting client and audience expectations requires an Exponential IT mindset, empowering IT leaders to thrive amid unprecedented demand for digital solutions.

  • Digital Content Distribution: Embracing digital evolution by optimizing content distribution and delivery to meet demands for seamless streaming, gaming, and information access.
  • Data Governance and Cybersecurity: Reinventing governance structures to enhance data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance, crucial in the age of data-driven media and technology.
  • Automation of Core Processes: Implementing core function automation like network management, customer care, and content creation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Real Estate and Property Management:

Embracing digital evolution, reinventing governance, and fostering collaborative partnerships are the keys to innovation in the Real Estate and Property Management sectors. With growing expectations from clients and tenants, an Exponential IT mindset is essential for navigating an ever-evolving landscape.

We're here to guide IT leaders in these industries, enabling them to unlock the potential of innovation in service delivery and programs.

  • Property Management Software Integration: Embracing digital tools to streamline property management processes, including rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant communications.
  • Governance for Sustainability: Reinventing governance models to align with sustainability initiatives, reducing environmental impact and adhering to eco-friendly property management standards.
  • Collaborative Partnerships for Real Estate Development: Fostering partnerships with construction firms, architects, and local authorities to navigate complex real estate development projects and promote community engagement.

Professional Services, Real Estate and Technology, Media & Telecom Research Resources

Info-Tech is well known for our practical, actionable blueprints and templates. We have a body of content focused on multiple subsegments of the Professional Services, Real Estate and Property Management, Technology, Media, and Telecom industries that will accelerate your key initiatives.

Nonprofit & Professional Associations

Professional Services:

Real Estate & Property Management:

Technology, Media & Telecommunications:

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