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Privacy Regulation Roundup

This Privacy Regulation Roundup summarizes the latest major global privacy regulatory development, announcements, and changes. This report is updated on a monthly basis.

VirtaMove Smooths the Migration Path to Windows Server 2019

VirtaMove’s application migration solution smooths the path to Windows Server 2019 for legacy server applications. The V-Migrate software automates a stateful reinstall...

The XebiaLabs Application Release Automation Tool, “XL Release,” Gains ServiceNow Certification

XebiaLabs has announced that it has received certification of its new XL Release app integrating ServiceNow and the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform. The integration enables...

Build an Information Security Strategy

Technology sophistication and business adoption, the proliferation of hacking techniques, and the expansion of hacking motivations from financial to now social,...
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Information Security Program Gap Analysis Tool

To enable an effective security program, all areas of security need to be evaluated closely to determine where the organization sits currently and where it needs to go to...

Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies

Since 2013, Info-Tech’s “Build an Information Security Strategy” research has been used to help our members build their security programs. Using our own Security...

Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand what it means to review five years of security strategies.

Dive Into Five Years of Security Strategies Storyboard

This storyboard will help you review how organizations are building their security strategies.

Case Study: Practical, Right-Sized BCP for a Financial Services Organization

Leverage this completed example of a concise, practical BCP to jumpstart your plan. The example illustrates a more streamlined approach to create a practical and...

Modernize Your Microsoft Licensing for the Cloud Era

Understanding Microsoft’s licensing can be like learning a new language and, to add a twist, the rules of the language change from year to year. The push to the cloud has...
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