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Applications Mar 5, 2014

Information Lifecycle Management – Is Yours Holistic?

As IT leaders you are pressed to unify information policies across the organization and develop a holistic Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to minimize the risk of legal and regulatory implications. No small task.

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Applications Mar 5, 2014

Mobile – Can you embrace it?

Developing for so many mobile devices, operating systems, and form factors requires a sustainable platform strategy. A strategy that must account for existing capital investments, people, and processes.

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Applications Mar 6, 2014

Application Maintenance – Is it time to get serious?

Despite being an important function of the IT department, most organizations view application maintenance as a necessary evil and do not give it the attention and resources it deserves.

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Infrastructure & Operations Mar 12, 2014

Asset Management: Right Size Cost & Reduce Risk

Asset management is a long term discipline. Most organizations do not have a true asset management program.

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Infrastructure & Operations Mar 20, 2014

Capacity Management: Do You Treat it as a Service?

Often infrastructure resources and capacity are handled on a request-driven basis. With this approach, capacity planning isn’t planning at all — it’s guesswork at best.

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CIO Mar 27, 2014

Service Management: Do You Have a Clear Roadmap?

It is quite common for IT departments to lack formal processes concerning service management. Over time this can lead to a chaotic service delivery model and result in poor customer satisfaction and an inability to meet service level targets.

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CIO Mar 27, 2014

Change Management: Do You Have a Blind Spot?

Many IT projects fail because planning fixates on technology and underestimates the importance of organizational change. Human behavior tends to be a planning blind spot, especially for IT professionals with technology backgrounds.

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Applications Apr 3, 2014

Data Management Strategy: Is Data One Of Your Prized Assets?

Data is increasing at a rapid pace in most organizations. Many IT departments are losing control over the acquisition, use, protection, and destruction of data.

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Apr 3, 2014

Security Service Providers: Are You Confident?

Although it is a regulatory requirement for many firms to use third-party security service providers, it is often difficult to select the right provider, and in turn, successfully monitor and manage this arrangement.

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Security Apr 10, 2014

Privileged Access Management: Who's Holding The Keys?

Privileged accounts (including system administrators, application administrators, and super users) have the keys to the kingdom, or at least elevated access over regular users. These privileged accounts require dedicated management but not enough organizations are keeping a close eye on these accounts.

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Infrastructure & Operations Apr 24, 2014

Developing a Business Continuity Plan: Should it be IT or the Business?

BCP project ownership, should it be IT or the business? It’s a complex project that touches all aspects of the organization, and yet often has few or no dedicated resources. It’s no surprise so many organizations struggle with BCP.

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Infrastructure & Operations May 1, 2014

End-User Computing: Have you mastered this ever expanding puzzle?

Develop a strategy and roadmap to fit all the pieces together and efficiently integrate end-user computing trends into your organization.

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Applications May 8, 2014

Business Process Management: Do you have the right tools to support your business?

Process-oriented organizations are looking for ways to improve their business processes.

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May 8, 2014

Build a Service Catalog: Does your business have visibility?

For many organizations, IT services are provided on an ad hoc basis. Services are not formalized, nor are they widely understood and accepted, leading to gaps in services and overall misalignment with goals and objectives.

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May 15, 2014

Capacity Planning as a Service: Is it time for IT to move to a CaaS model?

Treat capacity like a service for optimal resource delivery.

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CIO May 15, 2014

Knowledge Management: Do you have a strategy to manage knowledge?

Develop a strategy and roadmap to best identify, capture, and use your knowledge effectively.

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Project & Portfolio Management May 22, 2014

Effective PMO: Are you being holistic?

Plan, coordinate, and monitor the execution of your projects in a holistic manner.

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Applications May 22, 2014

Scaling Applications: Can you leverage JavaScript?

JavaScript has matured to become a multi-tier language capable of working in front, mid, and back-end components using built-in language capabilities like JSON and open frameworks like Node.js and Angular.js.

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Infrastructure & Operations May 29, 2014

Terminating Outsourcing: 50 ways to leave your vendor

Exiting an outsourcing agreement may be the first thought that comes to mind when your vendor relationship has turned sour or if you've outgrown your vendor. Assess whether termination is necessary and examine steps that can ensure a smooth transition.

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Project & Portfolio Management May 29, 2014

Agile Portfolio Management: Are you still old-school command & control?

Improve project oversight without imposing old-school command-and-control.

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CIO Jun 5, 2014

Create a Budget and Get Approval: Will you get the funding you need?

You can't always get what you want, but a proper budget proposal will get you what you need.

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CIO Jun 12, 2014

IT Organizational Design: Is your IT organizational design built for success?

Create an optimized IT organizational structure, focused on aligning the objectives of the business and IT.

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Security Jun 19, 2014

Secure your Public IaaS: Do you have an IaaS securitization strategy?

Organizations looking to take advantage of any of the public IaaS benefits must secure their new environment.

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Infrastructure & Operations Jun 26, 2014

Unified Communications: Are you making your decision based on data?

Do the end users have something better? Find out first.

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Security Jun 26, 2014

Security Risk Management: Do you have a strategy for security risk management success?

Risk management is the first step to secure your business.

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Team Leadership & Management Jun 26, 2014

The Right People: Engaging Millennials

By 2025, nearly 50 million Baby Boomers will retire, replaced by even more Millennials.

Vdi small
Infrastructure & Operations Jul 10, 2014

Implement Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Do you know how to successfully roll out a VDI solution?

Understand the key people, process, and technology components that contribute to a successful VDI implementation.

Dataaudit small
Data & Business Intelligence Jul 10, 2014

Improve Your Data Audit and Data Integration Practices: Use the findings of your data audit to improve your data integration initiatives.

Don’t set out to find WHERE your data issues lie, probe deeper and find out WHY they exist!

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Applications Jul 10, 2014

Reduce Email Volume: How do you control an ever-growing resource?

Learn how to help your organization recover from email addiction.

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Infrastructure & Operations Jul 17, 2014

Printer Consolidation: Are you spending too much on printing?

Reduce costs through printer consolidation and confront IT’s third rail.

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CIO Jul 17, 2014

Policy Management: Do you have the "right" policies?

You don’t need a policy for everything – focus on your risk areas.

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Applications Jul 17, 2014

Build a Data Warehouse: Is your organization making a data driven decision?

Accelerate the process of building a data warehouse and prove value early.

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Applications Jul 24, 2014

Estimate Maintenance Costs: Don't be a failed project statistic

Augment your traditional expert estimation with parametric estimation to reduce surprises.

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Jul 24, 2014

Optimize IT Procurement: Balancing vendors, products, prices, & services

Bad procurement can hide anywhere; searching for the symptoms can help reveal the truth.

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Applications Jul 24, 2014

Optimize an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

Make sure IT is an enabler, not an impediment, to effective employee collaboration.

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CIO Jul 31, 2014

IT & Customers: Do you measure what matters to the real end customer?

Do you measure what matters to the real person paying your salary?

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Project & Portfolio Management Aug 7, 2014

Manage a Minimally Viable PMO: How do you manage projects with no time for project management?

How do you manage projects with no time for project management?

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Security Aug 7, 2014

Top Security Issues for 2015: What should CISOs be planning for?

What should CISOs be planning for?

Merger small
Aug 14, 2014

Mergers and Acquisitions: How can IT be a successful partner?

Don’t let an M&A sidetrack your career. Create a solid M&A plan to ease the transition.

Delivervalue small
Project & Portfolio Management Aug 14, 2014

Optimize the Benefits Delivery Process: Are your projects delivering business value?

A formal benefits delivery process will help ensure that projects realize expected benefits and provide value to the enterprise.

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Aug 28, 2014

Create a 100-Day Action Plan for IT

Do you know how to improve the perceived value of IT?

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Infrastructure & Operations Aug 28, 2014

Network Management: Don't do it yourself

The decision is a no-brainer. The key is to do it right.

Datagov small
Data & Business Intelligence Aug 28, 2014

Data Governance: Implement an Effective Plan

Govern your data as an asset or it will become a liability.

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Applications Sep 4, 2014

Sharepoint: What does it do well?

SharePoint can do anything, but can you afford to use it?

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CIO Sep 4, 2014

External Compliance: What if you were audited today?

Abracadabra alakazoo! Now auditors can’t even touch you.

Hrinit small
CIO Sep 4, 2014

Manage HR within IT: Are your people on the back burner?

Does engagement need to be managed differently in IT?

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Applications Sep 11, 2014

DevOps: Improve your collaboration and quality

Get your team focused on collaboration. Had enough of the blame game yet?

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Project & Portfolio Management Sep 11, 2014

Resource Management: Strategies for the new reality

How much project capacity can you reclaim with better resource management?

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Infrastructure & Operations Sep 18, 2014

Crisis Management Plan: Are you prepared for the next crisis?

Be prepared for any disruptive incident and know how to manage the repercussions, from business disruption to reputational damage.

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Project & Portfolio Management Sep 18, 2014

Identify Service Metrics that Matter

Ensure IT and the Business are talking the same language and caring about the same results.

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Security Oct 2, 2014

Security Policies: Are yours effective?

How do you build comprehensive policies efficiently?

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Team Leadership & Management Oct 2, 2014

Leadership in Today's IT: It starts with you

How do you use leadership in your work?

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Oct 9, 2014

Have You Positioned IT as an Innovator?

How can you prove to the business that IT can successfully leverage innovative technologies and approaches?

Office365deployment small
Infrastructure & Operations Oct 9, 2014

Deploying Office 365: Are you ready for a huge departure?

Forget the “Office” part; “O365” is an Exchange migration.

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Project & Portfolio Management Oct 9, 2014

Project Management: Will your launch lead to success?

Keep IT projects on time, on budget, and within scope.

Money strategy small
Infrastructure & Operations Oct 16, 2014

Scalable Incident Response Strategies

How do you respond without breaking the bank?

Missingstrategy small
Oct 16, 2014

IT Strategy: Do you even have one?

Articulating a clear IT strategy that aligns with business objectives is the most important activity a CIO can do for the IT department and organization.

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Gaming and Hospitality Oct 23, 2014

Right-Size Your WLAN for the Business

Moving? Increasing office space? Refreshing your network? Time for a refreshed WLAN.

Mobileapp small
Applications Oct 30, 2014

Develop Mobile Apps That Help the Business

Aim your mobile development at productivity gains.

Ontrack small
Oct 30, 2014

Project Management: How to keep them on track for success

Keep IT projects on time, on budget, and within scope.

Securityaware small
Security Nov 6, 2014

Security Awareness: How to secure the disengaged

Employees are the single largest vulnerability. Are your employees security aware?

Target small
Nov 6, 2014

Risk Management: How to take a targeted approach

Do you know where you’re most vulnerable?

Dataarch small
Enterprise Architecture Nov 6, 2014

Create an Effective Data Architecture

An enterprise without a data architecture is like a water well without a bucket.

Testplan small
Infrastructure & Operations Nov 13, 2014

Business Continuity: Develop a Test Plan

Testing does not need to be disruptive to your business. Don’t let your first test be your next crisis.

Management small
Nov 20, 2014

Develop a Throughput Management Model

Everyone can start projects. Completing them is a different story.

Unsecure small
Data & Business Intelligence Dec 4, 2014

Managed File Transfer: Are you unsecure?

Are you still using traditional, slow and unsecure, methods to transfer files?

Innopartners small
CIO Dec 11, 2014

Make IT a Partner in Enterprise Innovation

Watch business trust in IT take flight with an innovative pilot project

Sharedservices small
Infrastructure & Operations Dec 11, 2014

Implementing a Shared Services Model

Don’t jump too quickly into shared services; know the risks before moving forward.

Security apps small
Applications Dec 18, 2014

Secure Your Customer-Facing Applications

Security can get lost in the application development process in favor of meeting customer needs and deadlines.

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Applications Jan 15, 2015

Implement and Optimize Data Security Management

Improving your data security is not only dealing with your security risks, it gives you opportunity to leverage data to the fullness.

Iot small
Infrastructure & Operations Jan 15, 2015

The Internet of Things: Stop Talking About It and Start Doing Something

Stop talking about the Internet of Things and do something about it

Bi app small
Applications Jan 22, 2015

Select and Implement a BI Application

Selecting and implementing a BI application is tricky; it has to address business needs and at the same time it has to be implemented quickly.

Servicelevel small
Infrastructure & Operations Jan 22, 2015

Stop Approaching the SLA as a Battleground Between IT and the Business

Leverage the SLA process to clarify what IT can deliver today, what is an appropriate goal, and what is limited by dependencies on third parties.

Service provider small
CIO Jan 29, 2015

Make IT a Service Provider

Deliver exceptional services with the end users in mind.

Data ops small
Applications Feb 5, 2015

Assess and Optimize Data Operations

Turn data operations to an advisory center.

Security metrics small
Security Feb 5, 2015

Implement and Optimize an Effective Security Metrics Program

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Ultimate model small
Feb 5, 2015

Build the Ultimate IT Operating Model

It’s time to open the black box of IT.

Third party costs small
Infrastructure & Operations Feb 12, 2015

Cut Infrastructure Maintenance Costs Through Third-Party Services

Remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch – using third-party services is not for the faint of heart.

Metadata small
Applications Feb 19, 2015

Optimize Your Metadata Management to Increase Your Data Freedom

Facilitate information sharing across your organization through reliable and consistent metadata.

Shadow it small
Feb 19, 2015

Coping Successfully with Shadow IT

Shadow IT is here to stay – deal with it.

Foundation erp small
Applications Feb 26, 2015

Establish a Concrete ERP Foundation

Do you know what it takes to build a successful ERP project?

Mobilestrat small
Feb 26, 2015

Create and Implement a Mobile Strategy

Unlock the benefits of mobility for the enterprise.

Implement security small
Security Mar 5, 2015

Design and Implement an Information Security Compliance Management Program

Compliance and security are two different languages; you need to be able to translate it.

Dr site small
Infrastructure & Operations Mar 12, 2015

Build a Best Fit DR Site Strategy

Find ways to not only reduce costs, but also increase resilience.

Ea gov small
Mar 19, 2015

Optimize EA Governance of Solution Development & Procurement

Keep your solution development & procurement aligned with strategic business priorities.

Itam small
Mar 26, 2015

Select and Implement IT Asset Management

Maintaining the right processes is just as critical as having the correct asset management tool.

Service desk small
Infrastructure & Operations Apr 2, 2015

Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise

The Enterprise Service Desk: One solution to rule them all.

Sourcing small
CIO Apr 16, 2015

Create a Sourcing Strategy

An ad hoc approach to sourcing leaves your organization vulnerable to a never ending series of complications.

Grow small
Project & Portfolio Management Apr 16, 2015

Grow Your Own PPM 2015

Build an affordable, adoptable, and effective in-house PPM solution.

High perf small
Applications Apr 23, 2015

Focus Your Mobile Apps on High Performance

The business implicitly demands it.

Manage cloud small
Infrastructure & Operations Apr 23, 2015

Select and Manage Public Cloud Providers

Choose the right cloud IaaS solution that best fits your organization.

Vulnerability small
Security Apr 30, 2015

Design and Implement a Vulnerability Management Program

Security vulnerabilities are rising in prevalence and exploitation, and are not only about software – they affect people, processes, and technology.

Economywebinar 270x135 01 small
May 5, 2015

"Your Economy" for HR and IT Professionals

In today's world, HR and IT need to be more business savvy, and therefore need to have a better understanding of the macro-economic context in which they are operating.

Agile dev small
Applications May 7, 2015

Implement Agile Development Techniques

Keep reaping the benefits of Agile with development techniques.

Plan small
Infrastructure & Operations May 7, 2015

How to Successfully Prepare for a DR Audit, and Leverage the Results to Improve Your DR Capability

Preparing for a DR audit does not have to be onerous, and it doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Transcend small
CIO May 14, 2015

Transcend the IT Cost Center Through Chargeback Implementation

Have you established business unit accountability?

Compliance small
Security May 14, 2015

Select and Implement a GRC Solution

Determine the right vendor to build an efficient, holistic GRC program to meet all your organizational needs.

Archiving small
May 21, 2015

Select and Implement an Enterprise Archiving Solution

Separate the need for emergency copies from high value assets.

Crystal ball small
Applications May 21, 2015

Develop a Predictive Analytics Plan

Get the right crystal ball to predict the future.

Webinar hero mic lic small
May 21, 2015

Review Microsoft Licensing to Save 25%

Join our subject-matter expert, Aadil Nanji, as he shares key insights on how to save on your Microsoft License.

Integrated small
May 28, 2015

Develop an Integrated Information and Storage Management Plan

Focus on the business goals as a means to justify storage reduction.

Brm small
CIO May 28, 2015

Building and Managing Effective Business Relationships

Don’t let a BRM be your spokesperson.

Committee small
Jun 4, 2015

Create an IT Steering Committee that Works

Don’t talk about decisions, make them.

Coe small
Applications Jun 4, 2015

Build a Center of Excellence for Critical Business Applications

Create an application support framework aligning governance with organizational capabilities

Dist tech small
Infrastructure & Operations Jun 11, 2015

Exploit Disruptive Infrastructure Technology to Drive IT Efficiency and Business Opportunity

Prepare for disruptive technology advancements with a developed process.

5 secrets small
CIO Jun 11, 2015

Five Secrets to Optimize Your People, Technology, and Budget

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

Consolidation small
Infrastructure & Operations Jun 18, 2015

Effectively Manage Data Center Consolidation

Limit risks and maximize benefits with a comprehensive strategy.

Master data small
Data & Business Intelligence Jun 18, 2015

Develop a Master Data Management Strategy and Roadmap

Manage the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Choose ppm small
Project & Portfolio Management Jun 25, 2015

Select & Implement a PPM Solution

Choose a PPM solution to align with the needs of your organization.

New bus world small
CIO Jun 25, 2015

Security in the New Business World: The Challenges of Today’s CIO/CISO

The role of the CIO and CISO is rapidly converging, where the CIO needs to be security savvy and the CISO needs to be a strong business-minded partner.

Business model small
Jun 25, 2015

Industry Specific Business Capability Maps

Build a business model that can be understood by the business and IT.

Ngfw small
Industry Research Jul 9, 2015

VL: Next Generation Firewall

Continued consolidation of capabilities means high performing products.

Express small
Small Enterprise Resources Jul 9, 2015

Introducing Info-Tech Express!

Get your small IT team to action quickly and effectively.

Cloud strat small
Jul 16, 2015

Create a Cloud Storage Strategy

Look for value-add services to find the true benefits of cloud storage.

Service desk 1 small
Infrastructure & Operations Jul 30, 2015

Develop a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

Manage the dark side of growth to reduce cost and improve customer service.

Wcm small
Applications Aug 6, 2015

Rebuild the Web Content Management Strategy

Help the marketing department make a savvy IT decision.

Emm small
Infrastructure & Operations Aug 20, 2015

Implement Enterprise Mobility Management

Craft an EMM plan that solves today’s problems and avoids tomorrow’s.

Economywebinar 270x135 01 small
Aug 25, 2015

Economy for HR and IT Professionals

In today's world, HR and IT need to be more business savvy, and therefore need to have a better understanding of the macro-economic context in which they are operating.

Manage vendors small
Vendor Management Aug 27, 2015

Manage Your Vendors to Maximize Value

Make vendors part of your high-performing team.

Sensitive cloud small
Security Sep 17, 2015

The Future of Data Protection

Your organization's data is valuable currency.

Hris 4 u small
Applications Sep 24, 2015

Select and Implement a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that is Right for You

Successfully deploy powerful solutions for employee collaboration.

Crm small
Applications Oct 1, 2015

Select and Implement a CRM Platform

Select a top-tier platform to support interactions across marketing, sales, and customer service.

Lms small
Applications Oct 15, 2015

Develop a Unified LMS Strategy

Promote a culture of continuous learning with Learning Management Systems.

Security small
Oct 22, 2015

Keeping Up with Security

The year in review, new research topics, and looking ahead to 2016.

Bus arch small
Enterprise Architecture Oct 29, 2015

Bridge IT and the Business with Business Architecture

Use business architecture to gain a clear understanding of the business strategy and align IT with the business.

Infra small
Nov 5, 2015

Keeping Up with Infrastructure

The year in review, new research topics, and looking ahead to 2016 and beyond!

Economywebinar 270x135 01 small
Nov 19, 2015

Economy for HR and IT Professionals – Q4 2015

In today's world, HR and IT need to be more business savvy, and therefore need to have a better understanding of the macro-economic context in which they are operating.

Cio 2016 small
CIO Dec 3, 2015

2016 CIO Trends

Demonstrate proactive leadership by acknowledging and capitalizing on tomorrow’s opportunities.

Emv small
Gaming and Hospitality Dec 17, 2015

Navigate the EMV Liability Shift: Payment Risk & Client Experience

The future is here! Is your merchant POS payment system ready for the transition to EMV?

Tango small
Infrastructure & Operations Jan 7, 2016

Service Desk Tango

Drive innovation by focusing on the needs of your end users.

Evolve small
Security Jan 14, 2016

The Evolving Role of CISO

Adapt or be left behind.

It engage small
CIO Jan 21, 2016

Increase IT Productivity by 25% by Actively Focusing on Employee Engagement

Don’t just measure engagement, act on it!

Project backlog small
Project & Portfolio Management Jan 28, 2016

Tame the Project Backlog

Take charge of your backlog of un-started projects.

Transition cloud small
Vendor Management Feb 4, 2016

Transition Licensing to Microsoft’s Cloud

The cloud is coming – be prepared with a proactive strategy.

Security 2016 small
Security Feb 18, 2016

Disruptive Security Trends of 2016

Use our power of prediction to keep your role relevant.

Catalog small
CIO Mar 3, 2016

Design and Build a User-Facing Service Catalog

Improve user satisfaction with IT by letting business users know exactly what is available to them in a convenient menu-like catalog.

Alignment small
Infrastructure & Operations Mar 10, 2016

Improve IT-Business Alignment with an Infrastructure Roadmap

Build the roadmap and your organization will follow.

Security mit small
Security Apr 7, 2016

Optimize Security Mitigation Effectiveness

Knowing is half the battle when it comes to optimizing your security effectiveness.

Apr 14 apps small
Apr 14, 2016

From Data Management to Business Intelligence – The path to enlightenment

Business intelligence requires good data management to … be intelligent

Apr 14 small
Apr 28, 2016

Move Enterprise Databases to the Cloud

Data is the fuel of any organization – databases are the engine. Do you know which ones are ready to run as a cloud solution?

May 6 small
Vendor Management May 5, 2016

Take Control of Microsoft Licensing and Optimize Spend

Review and assess your Microsoft contract to build a strategy that leads to dollars saved.

May 12 small
Security May 12, 2016

Develop and Implement a Security Incident Management Program

Let's make your security incident management plan scalable and manageable.

May 12 2 small
May 12, 2016

Why High Performing CIOs Don’t Become CEO

Despite the critical and growing role technology plays in an organization's success, virtually no organizations promote CIOs to CEO.

May 18 small
May 18, 2016

Privacy in a Digital World: An Interview with Nuala O’Connor

An Interview with Nuala O’Connor

May 19 small
Infrastructure & Operations May 19, 2016

Migrate to Office 365 Now

One small step to cloud, and one big leap to Office 365.

May 26 small
CIO May 26, 2016

Define an IT Strategy and Roadmap

Develop a data-driven, fit-for-purpose plan with a strong link to execution.

June 2 small
Applications Jun 2, 2016

Share Best Practices with an Agile Center of Excellence

Facilitate ongoing alignment between Agile teams and the business with a set of targeted service offerings.

June 9 small
Jun 9, 2016

Threat intelligence: Stay ahead of the next breach

Threat intelligence is not just for a certain sector – it can be and should be used by everyone.

Apr 21 small
Jun 16, 2016

Apply Strategic Foresight to Enable IT-Led Growth

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

June 23 small
Jun 23, 2016

Minimize the Damage of IT Cost Cuts

When IT cuts costs, everyone feels it.

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