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TrustArc Teams Up With BigID

TrustArc’s Privacy Management Platform provides capabilities including an assessment manager, consent manager, data mapping, data subject access requests (DSARs), privacy information management, and website scanning. The company acquired Toronto-based Nymity in late 2019, aligning its existing features with Nymity’s Privacy Management Accountability Framework, gaining from the brand’s 18 years of experience and data obtained through tailored research.

BigID is a leader in the data privacy and protection space, with extensive capabilities on the data discovery side, helping to achieve compliance by identifying the locations of an organization’s sensitive data. The vendor’s current solutions focus on building a discovery foundation, developing both data privacy and data protection applications, and driving data quality with retention oversight.

When asked about the partnership with TrustArc, BigID’s co-founder and chief product officer Nimrod Vox stated that the two companies aim to “bring clarity and intelligence to the complex data privacy regulatory environments.”

The partnership focuses on enhancing capabilities for clients to perform the following actions:

  • Leverage data discovery for automation and streamlined DSAR response process.
  • Automation of data discovery and classification processes.
  • Complete data visualization to assist in privacy compliance through building out the data inventory, development of the record of processing, and analysis of data risk.

Source: IAPP, Cision, MediaPost, BigID, TrustArc

Our Take

Data privacy vendor partnerships seem to be the trend this week; interesting timing with the official enforcement of the CCPA having just passed, as well as the full enforcement now in place for South Africa’s POPIA (data protection regulation).

TrustArc and BigID’s “market-driven partnership,” fueled by customer feedback, is likely due in large part to an increasing scrutiny over DSAR capabilities and the realization that IT and business leaders have come to a consensus around a lack of knowledge around where sensitive data lies within the organization as an issue. This partnership mirrors the recent acquisition of Integris by key privacy vendor OneTrust; privacy vendors are looking to develop a comprehensive approach to data, edging towards the realm of data governance, and in doing so, enlisting the expertise of another vendor in the space with pre-developed capabilities and resulting economies of scale.

While the OneTrust/Integris pairing represents an acquisition, TrustArc and BigID’s synergistic alliance is the result of a partnership, the outcome of which will be interesting to observe with respect to any misalignments or overlaps that exist within each respective company’s current feature set.

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