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Ayehu Bridges Gap Between IT Ops and Sec Ops

Ayehu is working to bridge the gap between IT Operations and Security Operations. We expect to see more vendor product offerings follow suit.

A key element of Ayehu’s value proposition is to bridge the gap between the Network Operations Center (NOC) and the Security Operations Center (SOC) with a single solution.

Traditional security operations relies on a number of manual hand-offs between various systems. A tier one analyst sits looking at a dashboard and evaluating alerts, then opens a ticket in the ITSM tool whenever they perceive an anomaly.

SOCs have traditionally relied on using a combination of various tools along with skilled personnel to provide the visibility and remediation necessary for security operations.

Security Ops usually consist of the following elements:

  • Aggregation
  • Enrichment
  • Orchestration
  • Automation
  • Response

For security, Ayehu handles everything except aggregation. For aggregation, it integrates with the organization’s security information and event management (SIEM) tool.

But Ayehu’s focus isn’t solely on security. It also integrates with common IT and business tools such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, SolarWinds, VMware, and AWS services.

By sitting in the middle of the IT operations tools, Ayehu aims to provide an end-to-end solution that can stretch across IT Ops and Sec Ops.

Ayehu's workflow designer. Source: Ayehu.

Our Take

As enterprise IT environments become more complex, especially with the move to hybrid and multi-cloud, IT Ops and Sec Ops will be deluged with an ever-increasing stream of data.

The natural next step for DevSecOps is end-to-end integration of IT Ops and Sec Ops. NOC and SOC functions will both be essential, but the barrier between the two will break down over time.

Info-Tech expects that other automation vendors will follow suit in attempting to provide solutions that effectively integrate IT Ops with Sec Ops.

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