Build a Chatbot Proof of Concept – Executive Brief - Infrastructure & Operations Note

Read this executive brief to find out why you should build a chatbot proof of concept, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

Chatbots Make a Comeback in College - Industry Coverage Note

Post-secondary/university students are comfortable using messaging platforms to interact. IT can save costs and begin the move from firefighter to innovator by implementing a chatbot service desk without typical end-user pushback.

For Human-Friendly Healthcare, Hire Yourself a Chatbot - Industry Coverage Note

Advances in AI technology and unprecedented ease of adoption make chatbots a quick win for AI in healthcare. By outsourcing basic customer service tasks to a chatbot, healthcare providers can deliver better, faster service to improve patient satisfaction while saving on operational staffing costs.

Checking Accounts, Chatbots, and Service Desk Optimization in Banking - Industry Coverage Note

Conversational interfaces (“chatbots”) that process natural language queries have the potential to revolutionize how banks run their service desks. Since they have a high number of external end users requiring service desk support, banks are especially well positioned to leverage chatbot...

The Road to ITSM AI: Develop an ITSM AI Strategy - Industry Coverage Note

ITSM AI is the application of artificial intelligence to service management. The technology promises to enhance IT operation with natural language processing and machine learning applications, improve service quality, and reduce costs. The following note suggests questions to ask as you develop...

IT Service Management Automation in Healthcare - Industry Coverage Note

Advances in cloud and AI technology are now opening up the possibilities for organizations to leverage automation for IT service management. A survey conducted by found that in 2018 the top three trending topics in IT service management are automation, artificial intelligence, and...

Make the Most of Your Service Desk Software: Lessons From Higher Education (Part 5) - Industry Coverage Note

Frustrated service desk managers in higher education often complain that automation features in their service desk software don’t work right. This fifth and final note in a series explores common frustrations with the automation features in service desk software.

Accelerate Your Automation Processes – Executive Brief - Infrastructure & Operations Note

Read this Executive Brief to find out why your organization should accelerate your automation processes, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the ways Info-Tech can support you in completing this project.

Insurers Should Use Artificial Intelligence to Thrive in the Age of Disruption - Industry Coverage Note

Increasingly, insurance companies are experiencing cost pressures and changing customer expectations in terms of personalized products and customer service. To stay competitive, insurers must innovate and leverage the potential applications of artificial intelligence.

Discontinue the Retail Apocalypse – Stock Up on Digital - Industry Coverage Note

The retail apocalypse is upon us, yet retailers can avoid it if they take advantage of new best-in-class technologies for the next wave of the retail ecosystem. Buying trends are changing, and retailers need to adapt or face a collapse.

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