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Improve Your Contract Negotiation Approach

Most IT professionals were not hired for their negotiation skills. And yet, they are expected to enter negotiations with vendor sales reps – who are essentially full-time...

Don’t Allow Software Licensing to Derail Your M&A

Many organizations are unaware of the implications of software licensing and the critical role IT plays during a merger, acquisition, or divestiture. Early involvement in...
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Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit

Software licensing audits can cause significant business disruption and failure to be in compliance will result in punitive fines. Build a strategy for the moment a...
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Get Ready for the Evolution of Vendor Management

Vendor management (VM) will evolve to become an integral component of IT operations and will be a priority for IT leaders in the short- and long-term future. Understand...
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Effectively Manage Cloud Vendors

There are many vendor management lessons learned from early adopters. Take advantage of their experience to sidestep unnecessary aggravation.
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