Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution

Secure file transfers today and avoid worrying about tomorrow.

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An organization without a managed file transfer solution may have the following concerns:

  • It is difficult to send big files.
  • There needs to be transparency and traceability in the file exchange activities.
  • The business is subject to compliance laws and privacy regulations.
  • Traditional methods of sending data, such as FTP, aren’t secure.
  • Processes need to be more agile and adapt to changing network conditions.
  • The business needs to share information and collaborate more effectively.
  • Employees need to able to send small and large files on their own.
  • The speed of file transfers needs to be increased.
  • There is an inability to comply with government reporting requirements.

With a managed file transfer solution there is:

  • Increased collaboration internally and externally.
  • A flexible process for onboarding new trading partners.
  • More reliable and secure file transfers.
  • A reduction of file transfer errors.
  • A simple way to securely email large files.

Module 1: Launch Your MFT Selection Project

The Purpose

  • Identify the scope and objectives of the workshop.
  • Discuss the benefits and opportunities related to a MFT investment.
  • Gain a high level understanding of MFT and the MFT market definitions and details.
  • Outline a project plan and identify the resourcing requirements for the project.
  • Gather MFT requirements from the business and IT. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Determine workshop scope.
  • Identify the business drivers and benefits behind a MFT investment.
  • Outline the project plan for the organization’s MFT selection project.
  • Determine project resourcing.
  • Identify/perform the steps to launch the organization’s selection project.
  • Understand the requirements of the business and the IT capabilities .

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify business drivers and motivations for adopting MFT.
  • Launched MFT selection project.
1.2 Identify the scope and purpose of your MFT selection.
1.3 Select the staff resourcing for your MFT selection team.
1.4 Identify baseline metrics.
1.5 Complete a project charter.
  • Completion of a MFT project charter.
1.6 Interview MFT stakeholders.
  • Completed stakeholder interviews.
1.7 Create level 1 data flow diagrams.
1.8 Document volume patterning.
  • Completed requirements gathering.

Module 2: Select Your MFT Solution

The Purpose

  • Identify the organization’s alignment to the Vendor Landscape use-case scenarios.
  • Shortlist MFT vendors.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identified use-case scenarios for the future MFT solution.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the vendors in the market.
  • Take a structured approach to submitting RFPs, shortlisting the vendors, and selecting the solution.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify use case scenario alignment.
2.2 Review Info-Tech’s MFT Vendor Landscape results.
2.3 Investigate additional vendors in the marketplace.
2.4 Create custom shortlist.
  • Shortlist of MFT vendors
2.5 Edit the RFP template to submit to vendors.
  • Completed RFP template.

Module 3: Implement Your MFT solution

The Purpose

  • Identify the steps for the organization’s implementation process.
  • Avoid common mistakes that occur during implementation.
  • Measure the value of your implementation.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Ensure the smooth roll-out of your MFT solution.
  • Keep track of and quantify MFT success.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Brainstorm the implementation activities.
3.2 Assign ownership for activities and create a project timeline.
  • A successful MFT implementation.
3.3 Track metrics.
  • A method for calculating value of the project.

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