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Modernize Your Applications

Justify modernizing your application portfolio from both business and technical perspectives.

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Without the proper analysis and consultation of your application modernization plans can result in:

  • Low end-user value because of the application’s inability address their needs.
  • System-wide degradation due to localized optimization.
  • Aggressive modernization objectives and goals that are unachievable given current IT capacity and legacy challenges.

Incorporating organizational change management into your application modernization plan can:

  • Ensure the appropriate degree of changes aligns to your organization’s tolerance.
  • Help you develop an iterative plan to gain buy-in early while you build a strong modernization foundation.
  • Continuous review your modernization progress and adjust your expectations and plans according to lessons learned and the changing business priorities.

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Module 1: Set Your Vision

The Purpose

  • Discuss the goals of your application modernization initiatives
  • Define your digital application vision and priorities
  • List your modernization principles

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Clear application modernization objectives and high priority value items
  • Your digital application vision and attributes
  • Key principles that will guide your application modernization initiatives

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 State Your Objectives
  • Application modernization objectives
1.2 Characterize Your Digital Application
  • Digital application vision and attributes definitions
1.3 Define Your Modernization Principles
  • List of application modernization principles and guidelines

Module 2: Identify Your Modernization Opportunities

The Purpose

  • Identify the value streams and business capabilities that will benefit the most from application modernization
  • Conduct a change tolerance assessment
  • Build your modernization strategic roadmap

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of the value delivery improvements modernization can bring
  • Recognizing the flexibility and tolerance of your organization to adopt changes
  • Select an approach that best fits your organization’s goals and capacity

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify the Opportunities
  • Value streams and business capabilities that are ideal modernization opportunities
2.2 Define Your Modernization Approach
  • Your modernization strategic roadmap based on your change tolerance and modernization approach

Module 3: Plan Your Modernization

The Purpose

  • Identify the most appropriate modernization technique and the scope of changes to implement your techniques
  • Develop an actionable tactical roadmap to complete your modernization initiatives

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Clear understanding of what must be changed to the organization and application considering your change tolerance
  • An achievable modernization plan

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Shortlist Your Modernization Techniques
  • Scope of your application modernization initiatives
3.2 Roadmap Your Modernization Initiatives
  • Your modernization tactical roadmap
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