Modernize Your Applications

Justify modernizing your application portfolio from both business and technical perspectives.

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Running and maintaining legacy applications can result in:

  • Maintenance costs consuming most of the application team’s budget.
  • Limiting the business’ ability to modify and expand their capabilities or adjust to changing business conditions.
  • Missing productivity and innovation opportunities with new technologies.

A solid application modernization business case leads to:

  • Greater insight to the rationale behind an application modernization initiative.
  • Modernization risks, impacts, benefits, and costs communicated in the business language.
  • Higher chances of approval for an application modernization initiative.

Module 1: Define the Drivers for Modernization

The Purpose

  • Evaluate your application portfolio assessment to shortlist applications to modernize.
  • Gauge the alignment of your application shortlist to business and technical drivers and the resilience to external factors in order to select the ideal modernization candidate.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • The selection of an application to modernize justified by application rationalization and its satisfaction of high-priority business and technical drivers.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define the business drivers behind your modernization initiative.
  • Current state health of application portfolio
  • List of business drivers motivating modernization
1.2 Define the technical drivers behind your modernization initiative.
  • List of technical drivers motivating modernization
1.3 Understand the external factors influencing your modernization initiative.
  • List of factors beyond your control motivating modernization
1.4 Select your modernization candidate.
  • Selection of an application modernization candidate

Module 2: Define and Assess Modernization Alternatives

The Purpose

  • Reveal the current issues, constraints, and modernization opportunities of the selected application with a diagnostic.
  • Design modernization alternatives based on the results of your diagnostic.
  • Complete an impact, cost-benefit, and risk assessment to select the ideal alternative to leverage.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Designing multiple options for modernization that accommodate the business and technical complexities of the application. Justification behind the selection of a modernization alternative based on risks, costs, and impacts.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Diagnose your application.
  • List of application issues, constraints, and opportunities
2.2 Develop application modernization alternatives.
  • Application modernization alternatives
2.3 Conduct a cost-benefit analysis of your modernization alternatives.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of alternatives
2.4 Complete a risk assessment of your modernization alternatives.
  • Risk assessment of alternatives
2.5 Select a modernization alternative to recommend.
  • Selection of a recommended alternative

Module 3: Complete the Case

The Purpose

  • Build a plan to define milestones and roll out application modernization initiative.
  • Identify project stakeholders in order to tailor the business case to their language and to ensure their expectations are met.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A completed business case tailored to the stakeholder’s language that contains the relevant information the stakeholder needs to make an informed decision.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create your application modernization plan.
  • Application modernization plan
3.2 Define your modernization project metrics.
  • Project metrics to gauge success
3.3 Recognize your project stakeholders.
  • List of project stakeholders
3.4 Finalize and monitor your business case.
  • Completed business case and presentation document

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