Harness Configuration Management Superpowers

Build a CMDB around the IT services that are most important to the organization.

Onsite Workshop

Configuration managers often face these obstacles:

  • Scope creep is a serial killer of configuration management projects.
  • An unrealistic data population plan will only disappoint.
  • Neglecting the people and process aspects of configuration management will undermine your success.

Our workshop will help you develop these superpowers:

  • Improved information for change management.
  • Better quality management.
  • Improved hardware and software asset management.
  • Better service performance management.
  • Improved knowledge management.

Module 1: Assemble Your Team of Superheroes

The Purpose

Assemble a team of people under the helm of the super configuration manager.

Key Benefits Achieved

Agreed direction and scope for configuration management.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Define key terms.
1.2 Agree on the scope of configuration management.
  • In-scope business-facing services
  • In-scope IT processes
  • Unified understanding of configuration management
1.3 Assess configuration management maturity.
  • Configuration Management Maturity Assessment results
  • Configuration management process goals
  • Critical success factors and key metrics
1.4 Define the role of configuration manager.
  • Configuration Management Policy
  • Configuration Manager Job Description
1.5 Identify the roles and responsibilities involved in supporting configuration management.
  • Configuration management responsibility matrix
  • Description of roles involved in configuration management

Module 2: Design the CMS and CMDB

The Purpose

Identify a structure for the CMDB, and develop an achievable, realistic plan for populating it.

Key Benefits Achieved

Designed configuration management data model and a plan to populate and maintain the CMDB.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Map out the systems involved in core business-facing services.
  • Topology diagrams of in-scope business-facing services
2.2 Design a data model for these services.
  • Data model template
  • Mapping of in-scope services, applications, infrastructure, and systems into the data model
  • Identification of configuration items
2.3 Identify requirements for discovery tools.
  • List of requirements for a discovery tool
2.4 Create a data population strategy.
  • Data population strategy
2.5 Identify IT management processes that interface with configuration management.
  • List of interfacing IT processes
2.6 Define processes to maintain the configuration management systems.
  • Process workflows for a selection of interfacing IT processes
  • Configuration Management Standard Operating Procedures
2.7 Design dashboards and reports to aid with CMDB maintenance.
  • List of dashboards for managing the configuration management process

Module 3: Ensure That the CMDB Is Usable and Trusted

The Purpose

Design a campaign to get IT’s support and to squash bugs from your configuration management system.

Key Benefits Achieved

Define your auditing approach, develop a training plan, and identify a timeline for additional services.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify next steps.
  • Tasks related to configuration management
3.2 Develop an audit plan.
  • Requirements for configuration management auditing
  • Timeline for auditing the CMS and CMDB
3.3 Identify required skills for configuration management.
3.4 Develop a skills acquisition plan.
  • Configuration management skills plan
3.5 Develop a communication plan.
  • Communication Plan
  • Configuration Management Project Charter

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