Harness Configuration Management Superpowers

Build a service configuration management practice around the IT services that are most important to the organization.

Onsite Workshop

Configuration managers often face these obstacles:

  • Scope creep is a serial killer of configuration management projects.
  • An unrealistic data population plan will only disappoint.
  • Neglecting the people and process aspects of configuration management will undermine your success.

Our workshop will help you develop these superpowers:

  • Improved information for change management.
  • Better quality management.
  • Improved hardware and software asset management.
  • Better service performance management.
  • Improved knowledge management.

Module 1: Create the Service Configuration Management Strategy

The Purpose

  • Define the scope of your SCM project.
  • Design the implementation project to be resilient to fluctuating resourcing.
  • Identify project and operational roles and responsibilities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Designed an Agile approach to building a CMDB.
  • Identified the roles and responsibilities for building and maintaining a CMDB.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Brainstorm challenges that you have with your data today.
1.2 Prioritize services.
1.3 Brainstorm and prioritize use cases.
1.4 Identify your data needs for these services and practices.
1.5 Document current sources of that data.
1.6 Record desired reports, dashboards, and analytics.
  • Use cases and desired benefits.
  • Phases for your Service Configuration Management project.
1.7 Identify roles involved with building the CMDB.
1.8 Build an SCM responsibility matrix.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Completed Service Configuration Management Project Charter.

Module 2: Build a Configuration Data Model

The Purpose

  • Build a data model around the desired use cases.
  • Identify the data sources for populating the CMDB.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Identified which CIs and relationships will be captured in the CMDB.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 List the types of configuration items (CIs).
2.2 Follow the packet to map out the in-scope services.
2.3 Document relationships.
  • List of configuration items and relationships.
2.4 Build data model diagrams.
  • Configuration data model diagram.
2.5 Build a high-level CI lifecycle framework.
2.6 Build a list of CI and relationship statuses.
2.7 Identify attribute and data sources.
  • High priority statuses and attributes.
  • Data sources for the Configuration Management Database.

Module 3: Build an Approach to CMDB Updates and Data Validation

The Purpose

  • Integrate CMDB updates into existing practices and processes.
  • Identify how and when CIs will be captured.
  • Develop an approach to validating configuration records.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Built a right-sized approach to configuration record updates and data validation.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify when each type of CI will be created and retired in the CMDB.
3.2 Identify how a CI’s attributes will change.
3.3 Identify how relationships will be created and modified.
3.4 Institute configuration control and baselines where appropriate.
3.5 Build and update processes for adding, removing, and modifying CIs.
  • Interfaces between Service Configuration Management and other practices and processes.
3.6 Build a plan for auditing and spot checking into the SCM practice.
  • Audit and data validation plan for the Configuration Management Database.
  • Completed Service Configuration Management Standard Operating Procedures.

Module 4: Build a Service Configuration Management Roadmap

The Purpose

Determine next steps for the SCM implementation project.

Key Benefits Achieved

Developed a project roadmap.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Identify policy initiatives.
  • Configuration Management Policy
4.2 Identify roadmap items.
4.3 Organize initiatives into phases and a timeline.
  • Project Roadmap
4.4 Build a communication plan.
  • Communication Plan

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