Define a Data Practice Strategy to Power an Autonomous Enterprise

Exponential IT transformations cannot be achieved without Data, analytics and AI capabilities.

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Without the appropriate data & analytics practice structure and strategy, your team will be:

  • Wasting time and resources on managing all data assets equally, missing business opportunities due to a lack of understanding of the most valuable data assets as the actual differentiator in value generation.
  • Struggle to meet business needs to innovate, grow, create differentiators and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Continue to miss opportunity presented by new and exponentially developing technologies because of the lack of understanding of how technology impacts the organization.

A well-defined data & analytics practice strategy allows you to:

  • Define your practice capabilities and ensure that they are integrated into the IT and business capabilities.
  • Identify your data value delivery gaps and understand the steps to resolve these gaps.
  • Define how to break business and IT silos and ensure that they operate as a single team. 
  • Define skills requires to close the skills gap.

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Module 1: Answer “So What?”

The Purpose

  • Define achievable and reasonable objectives for your data & analytics practice
  • Define practice business capabilities

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Data & analytics objectives clearly articulated
  • Value stream and business capability map defines how the practice deliver value to the organization

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Create vision & mission for the organization’s data practice strategy
  • Data practice vision & mission statements
1.2 Define value streams
  • Data practice value stream map
1.3 Build level 1 business capability map
  • Business capability map

Module 2: Assess Data & Analytics Practice Maturity

The Purpose

  • Evaluate the current state of your data & analytics practice
  • Define practice target operating model

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Current state assessment across multiple areas of practice capabilities and operations
  • Defined the model of how the practice needs to operate to achieve business and IT alignment

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Access your data practice maturity
  • Defined current state of data & analytics practice
2.2 Identify your target operating model
  • Defined target state operating model

Module 3: Assess Your Skills; Build Your Framework

The Purpose

  • Define skills gap for IT and business teams
  • Define communication plan that will improve the collaboration between IT and business
  • Define data development framework

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of the skills that require improvement
  • Approach to collaboration between business and IT teams to remove team silos
  • Define how data delivers value within the organization

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify skills gaps
  • Skills inventory
3.2 Develop your stakeholder communication plan
  • Stakeholder communication plan
3.3 Define your data framework
  • Defined data framework

Module 4: Bridge the Gap to Target State

The Purpose

  • Roadmap your initiatives to achieve the target state of data & analytics practice

Key Benefits Achieved

  • An achievable roadmap of initiatives to achieve your practice target state

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Define your data practice action items
  • Current- to target-state gap assessment
4.2 Prioritize with Now, Next, Later
  • List of initiatives to reach the target state
4.3 Create your data strategy roadmap
  • Roadmap for continuous improvement
4.4 Build the case for your data practice strategy
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