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Support RPA delivery with strong collaboration and management foundations.

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Entering RPA development without a proper and a well-thought-out plan will:

  • Diminish the value RPA is expected to deliver because of poorly chosen business processes and slow IT support.
  • Put corporate operational systems and data at risk of being compromised.
  • Damage the business-IT relationships due to IT’s inability to support the key business capabilities.

A strong collaboration and management RPA foundation can:

  • Ensure the right business processes are automated and are supported by a manageable and scalable platform.
  • Motivate business and IT to work closely together to ensure RPA continuously delivers value.
  • Ease RPA scaling beyond the pilot.

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Module 1: Define Your RPA Governance

The Purpose

  • State the success criteria of your RPA adoption through defined objectives and metrics.
  • Define your RPA guiding principles and ethics.
  • Build the RPA capabilities that will support the delivery and management of your bots.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Grounded stakeholder expectations
  • RPA guiding principles
  • RPA capabilities and the key roles to support RPA delivery and management

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 State Your RPA Objectives.
  • RPA objectives and metrics
1.2 Define Your RPA Principles
  • RPA guiding principles and ethics
1.3 Develop Your RPA Capabilities
  • RPA and product ownership, RPA capabilities, RPA role definitions

Module 2: Deliver and Manage Your Bots

The Purpose

  • Evaluate the fit of your candidate business processes for automation.
  • Define the operational platform to support your RPA solution.
  • Shortlist the desired RPA vendor features.
  • Optimize your product delivery process to support RPA.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Verifies the decision to implement RPA for the candidate business process
  • The system changes and modifications needed to support RPA
  • Prioritized list of RPA vendor features
  • Target state RPA delivery process

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Prepare Your RPA Platform
  • Assessment of candidate business processes and supporting operational platform
2.2 Select Your RPA Vendor
  • List of desired RPA vendor features
2.3 Deliver and Manage Your Bots
  • Optimized delivery process

Module 3: Roadmap Your RPA Adoption

The Purpose

  • Build your roadmap to implement your first RPA bot and build the foundations of your RPA practice.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Implementation initiatives
  • RPA adoption roadmap

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Roadmap Your RPA Adoption
  • RPA adoption roadmap
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