Build a Better Product Owner

Strengthen the product owner role in your organization by focusing on core capabilities and proper alignment.

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Without understanding the product/service owner roles, organizations risk:

  • Product/Service owners operating under an incomplete set of needed capabilities.
  • Product/Service owners aligning to management structure rather than product and service needs.
  • Individuals transitioning into a product/service owner role while lacking the key skills and activities to drive value in their products and services.

Focusing attention on the product/service owner role will result in a:

  • Better understanding of product/service owner perspectives and how to scale product/service ownership to align to your operational structure and end-user needs.
  • Capability map to define the role and provide a development path for product/service owners.
  • Defined strategy to facilitate your transformation to product/service ownership and dedicated product/service owners.

Module 1: Understand Product Ownership

The Purpose

  • Develop a common definition and understanding of product owners.
  • Identify missing and underutilized product owner capabilities.
  • Ensure product and project milestones are managed by the right role.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Definition of product ownership and product owners tailored to your culture and organizational needs.
  • Differentiate between project and product ownership.
  • Understand the capabilities needed for successful product ownership.
  • Avoid common product owner mistakes and gaps.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Reveal team risks and opportunities with a SWOT analysis.
  • Product owner SWOT analysis.
1.2 Define products in your context.
  • Products definition and model.
1.3 Map owners to your products/services.
  • Map owners to your products/services.
1.4 Align milestones to team roles.
  • Milestone/Role mapping.
1.5 Define the capabilities needed for successful product ownership.
  • List of capabilities needed for successful product ownership.
1.6 Develop a plan to address the capabilities needed for successful product ownership.
  • Product owner capability roadmap.

Module 2: Define Product Owner Roles

The Purpose

  • Understand and implement tiered product ownership.
  • Determine how to map technical and operational product owners.
  • Review how to scale product ownership to align with enterprise strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Tiered product owner model and mapping.
  • Classification of product owner roles.
  • Alignment of product owners to enterprise strategy.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify product owner perspectives.
  • Categorized product owner perspectives.
2.2 Map project roles to product owner responsibilities.
  • Product owner input/output mapping to project team roles.
2.3 Provide role clarity for product owners.
  • Product owner capability assessment and role limits.
2.4 Define the characteristics of your product owner roadmap.
  • Product owner roadmap approach customized to each perspective.

Module 3: Implement Product Owners

The Purpose

  • Develop a stakeholder assessment and mapping for product owner roles.
  • Develop techniques and strategies for managing stakeholders.
  • Create a product owner transformation roadmap to implement changes identified during activities.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy mapped to product owners.
  • Strategies and techniques for working with stakeholders.
  • Roadmap for implementing and enhancing product owners.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Visualize interrelationships among stakeholders to identify key influencers.
  • Stakeholder map.
3.2 Group your stakeholders into categories.
  • Stakeholder categorization.
3.3 Prioritize your stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder prioritization.
3.4 Delegation Poker – different approaches to reach decisions with stakeholders.
  • Understanding of Delegation Poker approaches to decision making.
3.5 Align product owner changes to your transformation roadmap.
  • Product owner transformation roadmap.

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