Build a Better Manager: Basic Management Skills

How to free up capacity to focus on your IT team.

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Without effective first-time manager training:

  • You undermine the productivity of every team in your department.
  • You risk losing high-potential talent when new managers feel inadequately supported.
  • You waste money on manager training that doesn’t get your business results.

By implementing a tactical, skill-focused, business-aligned manager training program:

  • You equip new managers with key skills they need to hit the ground running quickly in their new role.
  • You boost the productivity of your entire department by enabling managers to empower their teams.
  • You gain an effective way to measure and communicate the value of your investment to attendees and business stakeholders.

Module 1: Master Time

The Purpose

Train managers in effective time management and delegating skills relevant to first-time managers.

Key Benefits Achieved

Managers gains skills and confidence in:

  • The ideal way to spend their time across the six key manager roles
  • Time blocking and calendar diligence
  • Effectively delegating tasks and goals
  • Limiting interruptions

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Deliver the Master Time manager training module.
  • Customized Master Time Facilitation Guide
  • Completed Participant Workbook for the Master Time module, including an action plan for the attendees

Module 2: Accountability

The Purpose

Train managers in holding their team and individual employees accountable.

Key Benefits Achieved

Managers gains skills and confidence in:

  • Creating clarity and transparency around who is responsible for what.
  • Articulating expectations and evaluations.
  • Helping their team remove roadblocks to accountability.
  • Clearly introducing accountability to their team.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Deliver the Accountability manager training module.
  • Customized Accountability Facilitator Guide
  • Completed Participant Workbook for the Accountability module, including an action plan for the attendees

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