Adopt Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency

An emerging technology to solve an emerging need.


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Is your supply chain resilient to the types of issues that can occur in a post-pandemic world?

  • Transparency allows organizations to trust all parties associated with a series of corresponding transactions.
  • Blockchain enhances integrity by preventing users from being cheated when having their transactions validated.
  • Security features prove the blockchain network immutable as participants are unable to alter confirmed transactions.

Is your supply chain as efficient as it could be?

  • Efficiencies can be gained through time and cost savings when leveraging a blockchain network.

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Module 1: Plan Collection of Business Context

The Purpose

To engage stakeholders and elicit the business context you are designing for.

Key Benefits Achieved

Insight into business problems and opportunities.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Schedule relevant interviews.
1.2 Prepare and get feedback on interview questions.
  • Completed Business Context Discovery Tool
1.3 Select relevant Info-Tech diagnostics to conduct.
1.4 Launch and complete Info-Tech diagnostics.
  • Completed Info-Tech diagnostics

Module 2: Document the Business Context

The Purpose

To complete the business context.

Key Benefits Achieved

A full understanding of the business direction.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Host kick-off meeting with participants to outline goals and outcomes.
2.2 Conduct group or one-on-one interviews to identify the business context.
  • Uncover and document the missing pieces of the business context.

Module 3: Explore Blockchain’s Potential Industry Impact

The Purpose

To develop an understanding of how blockchain is impacting industries.

Key Benefits Achieved

Improved knowledge of blockchain impacts and use cases.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Introduce blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain glossary
3.2 Identify and study blockchain’s benefits.
3.3 Analyze the flaws of the transportation and logistics industry.
3.4 Review industry-specific use cases to see how the technology can alleviate inherent flaws.
  • Blockchain use cases and case studies

Module 4: Understand Blockchain at Your Organization

The Purpose

To determine how blockchain can be used at your organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

Learning how to apply blockchain for your organization.

Activities: Outputs:
4.1 Create a business model canvas.
4.2 Journey map the user experience to identify points of interest.
  • Blockchain use case
4.3 Brainstorm a blockchain solution.
  • Blockchain Alignment Tool
4.4 Assess your business architecture to validate developing your use case.
  • Blockchain Alignment Presentation

Module 5: Consolidate Your Findings & Present the Use Case

The Purpose

To have a coherent pitch prepared.

Key Benefits Achieved

Obtain pilot project approval.

Activities: Outputs:
5.1 Prepare a stakeholder presentation.
5.2 Craft a one pager for your preferred use case.
  • Prototype One Pager
5.3 Build and practice your pitch to the business.
  • Pitch for the business
5.4 Present your findings to business executives.
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