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PARk it Can Make Restaurants POS-Digital in 24 Hours

For customers, being able to place orders online has never been more critical. On average, takeout or delivery is ordered by 60% of US consumers. However, when the order is placed through a delivery app, such as UberEats or GrubHub, as much as 30% of the cut is taken by those companies. Recognizing the importance of online ordering, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, PAR took action in developing a new solution called PARk it, which enables operators to obtain the order directly from the customer. In doing so, it eliminates third-party costs, while continuing to allow the customer to place their order via the customer’s own mobile device. The restaurant receives the order directly, with payment already processed.

The PARk it solution can integrate with the PAR Brink Cloud POS ordering solution as well as other select partners to ensure digital offerings within 24 hours. PAR notes its Brink POS platform enables an easy-to-use solution for operators, as the digital menu can be adjusted off the same database that runs the POS. These mobile capabilities, including allowing the customer to make their payment online, fast-tracks the experience for the customer and operator – after all, 90% of all payments occur by debit or credit. Furthermore, Brink’s POS solution is well known for offering loyalty integrations, enabling operators to know who their most loyal customers are.

A notable benefit of the PARk it solution is that operators can implement their digital offerings without any additional infrastructure, minimizing the cost and effort needed to implement the solution. Given that the mobile capabilities of POS solutions are a feature that few vendors are able to meet at a high satisfaction level, PARk it has little competition. Based on the most recent publication of SoftwareReviews’ Food & Beverage POS Data Quadrant, illustrated below, only one vendor can currently provide a 70% satisfaction rate or higher on mobile capabilities. As a result, PAR’s latest platform PARk it stands a good chance at emerging into the market and boosting its positioning, particularly given the significance of mobile capabilities in the modern landscape that operators are functioning within.

Source: SoftwareReviews’ Food & Beverage POS Mobile Capabilities Data Quadrant, Report Published March 2020.

Our Take

While the PARk it solution can best serve an operator when used in conjunction with PAR’s Brink POS solution, any operator needing to go mobile should consider this novel solution. PAR’s reputation in the hospitality industry as a leader, and its modern mobile integration capabilities, place the PARk it solution as highly desirable in the industry. As operators continue to face new challenges during unprecedented times, using innovative methods to integrate mobile ordering for takeout will ensure operators remain relevant. This is especially true since 53% of consumers continue to be very willing to order food ahead for pickup.

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