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2020 Hospitality Trend Report

As the hospitality industry continues to embrace new technologies, the guest experience needs to remain top of mind.

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  • David Berger, Co-Founder and CEO Volara
  • Mark Beevor, GM Viceroy Hotel Group Hotel Zetta
  • Summer Jelinek, Chief Hospitality Officer, Summer Speaks
  • Marlon Ortiz, Director of Information Security Graton Gaming Commission
  • Speleos Dravillas, VP of Global Sales Percipia and HFTP Chicago Chapter Executive
  • Larry Birnbaum, VP Global Hospitality Ruckus Networks at CommScope
  • Mike Gray, Hospitality Division Senior Vertical Practice Manager, NEC
  • Trevor Dowswell, Chief Technology Officer, Hotel Internet Services
  • Parminder Batra, CEO, TraknProtect & HTNG Co-Chair
  • Stacy Stephens, EVP and Chief Client Officer Knightscope
  • Joel McIntyre, CEO GiGstreem
  • Sean Olson, CFO PopID
  • You do not have the time to learn and understand which trends are emerging currently.
  • The benefits and risks of the emerging trends are not known.
  • The signals and drivers of the emerging trends are not clear.
  • You have difficulty contextualizing the benefits of emerging trends.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Learn about the technologies other industry leaders are investing in.
  • Develop an understanding of which risks need to be mitigated prior to pursuing a trend.
  • Gain insight about what is driving each of these trends.

Impact and Result

With the insights provided in this Hospitality Trend Report, making sound decisions about which technologies can provide a competitive edge and generate revenue for those in hospitality is possible.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to understand the changing IT landscape in Hospitality and discover why guest expectations for technology needs to be budgeted and met by CIOs.

1. Advanced Wireless

Learn about advanced wireless and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

2. Immersive Hospitality

Learn about immersive hospitality and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

3. Vision Recognition

Learn about vision recognition and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

4. Robotics

Learn about robotics and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

5. Hyper-Personalized Guest Experience

Learn about hyper-personalized guest experience and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

6. Voice Assistants

Learn about voice assistants and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

7. Blockchain 2.0

Learn about blockchain 2.0 and the drivers encouraging this technology in Hospitality.

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