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Agiloft BPM Develops Integration for Epic EHR

Agiloft has developed an integration with major electronic healthcare record vendor Epic Systems. The University of Miami Health System (UHealth) is the first institution to capitalize on Agiloft’s process orchestration coupled with Epic’s healthcare management capabilities.

In this first use case, Agiloft BPM will integrate with the “medical record plan code,” a method of denoting payment types within the Epic EHR system.

The result of the BPM integration is to instantaneously link activity performed by healthcare practitioners and the cost associated with that specific activity. For UHealth, process orchestration from Agiloft is necessary because the actions taken by doctors, nurses, and the finance department occur across disparate systems.

Agiloft BPM is offering dynamic reports based on the process automation to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement in the billing process.

UHealth leveraged the existing process classification nomenclature already used in its Epic EHR.

Source: Agiloft at Software Reviews, Accessed August 26, 2019.

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Our Take

There are two diverging outlooks on Agiloft’s decision to dedicate resources for building a BPM integration with Epic’s EHR platform. The first outlook is that Agiloft could have used its technical resources more effectively elsewhere. Business process management tools have focused on process orchestration across disparate applications (which UHealth was able to capitalize on). However, EHR vendors have been shifting toward a more centralized application architecture. Healthcare systems now have features and modules that serve a wide range of business units that are housed in a single monolithic application. As a result, there is a decreasing need for third-party tools to orchestrate processes alongside the workflow tools already integrated into these large systems.

The alternative outlook on Agiloft’s decision to build an integration with Epic EHR is that the BPM vendor does not want to get left behind. Other players in the BPM space already have integrations with healthcare platforms. Therefore, Agiloft is signaling that it is just as committed as its competitors to growing the network of applications with which the BPM tool can automate processes.

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