Build a Chatbot Proof of Concept – Phases 1-3 - Infrastructure & Operations Storyboard

Lay the groundwork for a successful chatbot proof of concept while keeping business goals up front by implementing the proper metrics, gathering requirements for chatbot integration, choosing ticket candidates, and laying the roadmap for implementation before the vendor arrives on site.

Accelerate your Automation Processes – Phases 1-2 - Infrastructure & Operations Storyboard

Navigating your way through various automation tools can be a difficult challenge. Choosing the right project according to business needs is essential for IT to provide the right service for your organization.

Service Desk Future Trends Storyboard - Infrastructure & Operations Storyboard

Read through this mini-blueprint to learn the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on service desk operations and the key initiatives to facilitate help desk agent work and improve end-user satisfaction.

Prepare for Cognitive Service Management – Storyboard - Infrastructure & Operations Storyboard

This blueprint introduces AI tools that affect IT operations, including chatbots and machine learning applications. It is useful for clients exploring these emerging technologies and complements our research on infrastructure roadmapping and disruptive technologies.

Drive Business Value With Off-the-Shelf AI Storyboard - Data & Business Intelligence Storyboard

This blueprint provides a framework and a step-by-step approach to guide organizations through the successful selection of the off-the-shelf AI product that delivers business value.

CIO Trend Report 2018 – The Four Trends - CIO Storyboard

Trend reports provide an academic outlook on emerging technologies. This report discusses four trends facing the CIO in 2018 and their impact on business enablers.

Build a Winning Business Process Automation Playbook – Phases 1-3 - Applications Storyboard

This blueprint helps you develop a repeatable approach to understand your process challenges and to optimize and automate strategic business processes.

The Retail Store of the Future Storyboard - Industry Coverage Storyboard

How the retail store is transforming to meet customer needs

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