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Create an Architecture for AI

Build your target state architecture from predefined best-practice building blocks.

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Your Challenge

  • Deliver on the AI promise within the organization.
  • Prioritize the demand for AI projects and govern the projects to prevent overloading resources.
  • Insufficient data management capability.
  • Have clear metrics in place to measure progress and for decision making.

AI requires a high level of maturity in all data management capabilities, and the greatest challenge the CIO or CDO faces is to mature these capabilities sufficiently to ensure AI success.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Build your target state architecture from predefined best-practice building.
  • Not all business use cases require AI to increase business capabilities.
  • Not all organizations are ready to embark on the AI journey.
  • Knowing the AI pattern that you will use will simplify architecture considerations.

Impact and Result

  • This blueprint will assist organizations with the assessment, planning, building, and rollout of their AI initiatives.
    • Do not embark on an AI project with an immature data management practice. Embark on initiatives to fix problems before they cripple your AI projects.
    • Using architecture building blocks will speed up the architecture decision phase.
  • The success rate of AI initiatives is tightly coupled with data management capabilities and a sound architecture.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to understand why you need an underlying architecture for AI, review Info-Tech's methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

1. Assess business use cases for AI readiness

Define business use cases where AI may bring value. Evaluate each use case to determine the company’s AI maturity in people, tools, and operations for delivering the correct data, model development, model deployment, and the management of models in the operational areas.

2. Design your target state

Develop a target state architecture to allow the organization to effectively deliver in the promise of AI using architecture building blocks.

3. Define the AI architecture roadmap

Compare current state with the target state to define architecture plateaus and build a delivery roadmap.

Guided Implementations

This guided implementation is a five call advisory process.

Guided Implementation #1 - Assess business use cases for AI readiness

Call #1 - Scope requirements, objectives, and your specific challenges.

Guided Implementation #2 - Design your target state

Call #1 - Assess current maturity.
Call #2 - Identify target state capabilities.

Guided Implementation #3 - Define the AI architecture roadmap

Call #1 - Identify the relationship between current initiatives and capabilities.
Call #2 - Create initiative profiles.

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