Requirements Gathering SOP and BA Playbook

Use this template to define procedures for how requirements should be gathered at your organization.

Vendor Executive Report Summary Template

Your executives will be meeting with your vendor’s executives from time to time. As a vendor manager, you should be in a position to provide your executives with a...

Vendor Classification Tool

This tool will classify your vendors according to Info-Tech's best practice C.O.S.T. quadrant.

Vendor Information Sheet

This template gives you a place to consolidate all your vendor information, including escalation chains, issues logs, transition in/out considerations, and TCO.

Vendor Management Program Plan

Use this template to document the inner workings of your VMO.

Vendor Review Meeting Agenda Template

Use this template to guide review meetings with your vendor.

Project Intake and Prioritization Tool

Use the Project Intake and Prioritization Tool as a template to help you track and prioritize project requests.

Service Desk Efficiency Calculator

The purpose of the Service Desk Efficiency Calculator is to assess the impact of different improvements on service desk cost and productivity.

Build a Right-Sized Service Desk for Small Enterprise – Phase 2: Design and Build a Right-Sized Service Desk for SE

Leverage Info-Tech's research to define your service desk structure and roles, select key reporting metrics, create a ticket classification scheme, and design your...

Build a Right-Sized Service Desk for Small Enterprise – Phase 3: Communicate and Teach Service Desk Best Practices

Leverage Info-Tech's research to build a basic knowledgebase, increase IT’s service desk skillsets, and communicate changes with end users.
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