Operations - Templates & Policies

Balanced Scorecard

Use this template to outline a balanced set of goals that draws from 4 categories: business, customer, learning & development, and process.

Customer Journey Map

Use this template to develop a concrete understanding of the end user's experience with the service desk in order to improve service quality and meet customer goals.

Current State Value Stream Map

Use this template to outline a value stream found in the service desk and develop a high-level understanding of that process.

Future State Value Stream Map

Use this template to identify and eliminate sources of waste in the current value stream in order to improve the process and form a future state value stream map.

Lean Service Desk Integration Plan

Use this template to track and consolidate the key metrics and KPIs developed throughout the course of the entire project.

Continual Improvement Plan

Use this template to track and record the progress of your continual improvement initiatives now and in the future. This should be a fluid document.

DRP High-Level Process

Overview of Info-Tech's DRP development workflow.

Administrative Rights Policy

The administrative rights policy grants access to individuals’ desktop, laptop, or other end-user devices within a company for those who are qualified and cleared to use...

Data Center Access Policy

The data center access policy will outline the standards for regulating access to the company data center(s).

Server Configuration Policy

The server configuration policy establishes the standards, procedures, and restrictions for new servers being installed within the company.
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