Infrastructure & Operations - Templates & Policies

Transactional Service Desk Survey Template

Use this template to design or write your transactional (ticket) satisfaction survey.

End-User Satisfaction Survey Review Workflows

This template will help you map out the step-by-step process to review collected feedback from your end-user satisfaction surveys, analyze the data, and act on it.

Enterprise Printing Project Charter

Document the parameters of the print reduction project, your goals, desired business benefits, and metrics.

End-User Print Requirements Survey

Gather feedback on end-user needs and requirements.

Managed Print Services RFP Template

Use this request for proposal (RFP) template to invite prospective vendors to submit a proposal to supply multifunction printers or provide fully managed printing services. 

Printer Policy Template

Use this printer policy is to facilitate the appropriate and responsible business use of its printer assets as well as control printer cost of ownership by preventing...

Service Desk Outsourcing RFP Template

This template will allow you to create a detailed RFP for your outsourcing agreement.

Service Desk Outsourcing Requirements Database Library

This template will help you select the processes that you would like to outsource.

Service Desk Outsourcing Project Charter Template

This template will help you document your proposed service desk outsourcing strategy. Follow insights in the blueprint to record your results in this template and...

Service Desk Outsourcing Reference Interview Template

This template provides a sample list of interview questions to guide you through process of interviewing current and previous customers of outsource vendors to help...
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