Infrastructure & Operations - Storyboard

Infrastructure & Operations Priorities 2024 Report

A framework to dive deeper into the trends most relevant to you and your organization.

Govern Microsoft 365 – Phases 1-3

Microsoft 365 is as difficult to wrangle as it is valuable. Leverage best practices to produce governance outcomes aligned with your goals.

Manage Your Capacity to Increase Your Availability Storyboard

Maximize availability through proactive capacity management.

Align Backups With Your Data Protection Requirements – Phases 1-3

Ensure that your backup process is aligned with the data protection requirements of your organization.

Implement Hardware Asset Management – Phases 1-4

Use our methodology to review, design, and document your hardware asset management processes.

Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy – Phases 1-3

Use this storyboard to understand why and how to design a strategy to consolidate multiple service desks into one.

Collaborate Effectively in Microsoft Teams Storyboard

Set up your users for Teams collaboration success. Create a process that improves their ability to access, understand, and maximize their use of your chosen collaboration...

Get Started With FinOps Storyboard

This storyboard will help you define FinOps roles and structure of the FinOps and other teams, identify key activities, and assign ownership to each. It will also provide...

Assess Infrastructure Readiness for Digital Transformation Storyboard

How IT can prepare for the new digital world.

Assess Your Readiness to Implement UCaaS Storyboard

Unified communication as a service is already here. Take advantage of the right solution for your organization whether it is Teams Phone or another product.
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