Infrastructure & Operations - Storyboard

Build a FinOps Strategy to Enable Dynamic Cloud Cost Management – Phases 1-3

This research helps you build FinOps processes for efficient cloud cost management and prepare to use automation for proactive cloud resource management.

FinOps Roadmap

This Excel-based roadmap tool helps track outstanding implementation activities from your FinOps project.

Maintain Continuity in a Power Outage Storyboard

A guide to help you focus on honing the organization’s ability to respond to, and maintain continuity during, a power outage.

Deploy AIOps to Improve IT Operations – Phases 1-3

This research will help you assess your readiness to deploy AIOps, shortlist use cases for implementation, and build an AIOps proof of concept.

Evaluate and Select Alternative Network Solutions Storyboard

Guided by a decision model grounded in cost, availability, bandwidth, and latency, we will navigate the pros and cons of each solution, offering insights and real-world...

Prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot Storyboard

This research guides you through Microsoft 365 Copilot capabilities and its core use cases, and help you define requirements for deployment.

BCM Software Selection Guide

Understand what you get in a business continuity management software solution and review trends and leading vendors.

Initiate Your Edge Computing Journey Storyboard

Understand the benefits as well as associated risks of edge computing.

Repatriate Cloud Services Storyboard

Assess, plan, and seamlessly repatriate workloads.

Select the Ideal Infrastructure for Your AI Workload Storyboard

Design a custom reference architecture that meets your AI requirements.
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