Shared Services Implementation Assessment Tool

Assess your customer's technical requirements as you move through the process of transitioning to a shared services model.

Shared Services Implementation Business Case Template

When implementing a shared services model, it is integral to ensure that all stakeholders involved in the process are on board with the project. All objectives, benefits,...

Shared Services Implementation Customer Communication Plan

The root cause of many failed implementations of shared services model is a lack of alignment created between upper management and the staff supporting the project...

Shared Services Implementation Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to identify and prioritize tasks that you need to complete for implementing shared services.

Shared Services Implementation Executive Presentation

Leverage this template to create a communication deck to CXOs during and after implementing shared services.

Implement Infrastructure Shared Services – Phase 3: Plan the Transition

This phase will help you establish a clear shared services roadmap for each task, define a timeline and ownership, and build a plan to communicate the changes to key...

Hoteling and Hot-Desking: A Primer

The terms hot-desking and hoteling are increasingly common amid the tentative office repatriation conversations held throughout global IT and business departments....

Dynatrace Offers Service to Improve SDLC

APM vendor Dynatrace is offering a service to help its customers improve their SDLC. This offering aligns with an overall shift in the IT marketplace.

Dynatrace Extends End-to-End Monitoring to Business Value

Dynatrace offers digital business analytics in addition to full stack end-to-end monitoring. The tool’s capabilities work to bridge the gap between infrastructure &...

Dynatrace Differentiates Through Ease of Deployment

Dynatrace differentiates its APM solution through ease of deployment. As IT environments continue to become more complex, leading enterprise software vendors will improve...
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