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Establish Realistic IT Resource Management Practices – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you develop practices to promote and maintain accurate resourcing data, while developing tactics to continually inform decision makers’...

Time Audit Workbook

Use this tool to document the results of your current state assessment and time audit survey.

Time-Tracking Survey Email Template

Use this template to send regular time-audit survey updates.

Establish Realistic IT Resource Management Practices – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why traditional methods of resource management are ineffective in the context of today's matrix organization-driven work...

Resource Management Supply-Demand Calculator

This tool will help you assess IT's overall resource capacity to execute project work relative to the organization's overall demand, both project and non-project.

Resource Management Communications Template

Use this template to present your resource management practice to stakeholders.

Process Pilot Plan Template

Invest time and energy into a pilot and lower implementation risk, enhance the details and steps within a process, and improve stakeholder relations prior to a full scale...

Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices – Phase 3: Implement Sustainable Resource Management Practices

This phase of the blueprint, Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices, will help you set up a pilot to test the new resource management...

Portfolio Manager Lite 2017

Use this workbook as a model for your homegrown resource management solution, which can also serve as a PPM solution. This is a lightweight version of Info-Tech's...

Resource Management Playbook

Use this template to record your resource management strategy including the standard operating procedures for the process that implements the strategy.
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