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IT Metrics Library

Use this tool to review commonly used KPIs for each practice area, select the KPIs you will use in the IT Management Dashboard, and keep track of action items that result...

Create a Holistic IT Dashboard

IT leaders need a holistic view of all the practices in their IT department. This blueprint helps you select the right KPIs for your organization, build a dashboard, and...
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Crisis Temporary Measures Dashboard Tool

Use this tool to set temporary goals, collect data, review progress, and plan actions.

IT Metrics and Dashboards During a Pandemic Storyboard

This storyboard will help you reassess your organizational goals, build your temporary dashboard, review the dashboard, and plan your actions.

IT Metrics and Dashboards During a Pandemic – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand how to quickly reassess your goals and use existing tools to align your team to act and limit the damage.

IT Metrics and Dashboards During a Pandemic

Many organizations have metrics and dashboards that help them control their performance. During a crisis like a pandemic, the rules have suddenly changed. Your ability to...
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Lean Management Education Deck

This template will help you communicate Lean management concepts to your larger organization.

Lean Management Scoping Tool

Tool will help you scope out good candidate teams.

Implement Lean Management Practices That Work – Phase 2: Determine the Scope of Your Implementation

This phase will help you define the scope of Lean management within your organization.

Implement Lean Management Practices That Work

There are many misconceptions about Lean management and people are often overwhelmed by all the tools and Japanese terminology for what are essentially simple...
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