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Proteus Helps Enterprises Document Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design (PbD) is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirement, but effective implementation requires deep insight into the operation and interconnection of various data collection processes. Thus, PbD can be difficult to document and demonstrate. However, Proteus may help.

Proteus offers a host of complex features, many of which are aimed at helping mainly large enterprises, but its PbD feature could help nearly everyone.

While the solution cannot do PbD for you, it can walk you through a survey of questions related to your data processing and controlling practices, helping you find places where additional controls are needed to ensure privacy is maintained. Your answers to these questions are captured and stored in the tool, as are your justifications for why you are collecting and retaining user data.

All said and done, this feature is comprehensive, intuitive, and will make it much easier to demonstrate your compliance when audit time comes around.

Source: Proteus NextGen Data Privacy at SoftwareReviews, Accessed October 31, 2019

Our Take

Proteus has many great features that do, indeed, make tracking your privacy compliance obligations – especially across multiple regulations – simpler. And the PbD assistance it provides could help many people. However, if your organization is struggling to demonstrate PbD on its own, this is still not enough of a reason to invest in this solution.

Proteus is a preferred solution of enterprise-sized organizations as the software’s comprehensive feature list helps them manage the complexities and nuances of their data-privacy program. For them, the PbD help is the cherry on top. But for small-to-medium organizations, switching to Proteus probably isn’t necessary. When it comes to PbD, organizations of this size are just as well served by Info-Tech’s own PbD resources, which are less complex, but can fit wider range of business sizes.

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