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OneTrust and Integris: Part II – The Integration

An acquisition borne out of its users’ primary needs, OneTrust’s recent integration with data discovery giant Integris optimally positions the privacy program management software vendor against competitors in the market.

In part 1 of this set of posts, I discussed the trend within the marketplace for consolidation, acquisition, and partnerships between vendors. OneTrust and Integris were quickly followed up by TrustArc and BigID. I also discussed the potential concern for overlap or redundancy between the respective vendors’ feature lists, or a lack of integration, causing discord for current customers of the two brands.

During a recent briefing with members of OneTrust’s team, I inquired as to how the process of integration had transpired and what this joining of forces meant moving forward. The response echoed previous discussions I have had with the team, outlining the company’s desire to focus on filling the gaps in its current feature capabilities, as requested by its current customer base.

While OneTrust currently provides solutions across privacy management, consent and preference management, regulatory research, vendor risk, ethics and compliance, and governance, risk & compliance (GRC), the company saw an opportunity to further expand its data-focused ecosystem by adding data discovery and classification through OneTrust DataDiscovery. The use of AI and robotic automation to power data discovery across the organization lends itself to OneTrust moving toward a comprehensive approach to data governance. The DataDiscovery solution enhances the data subject access request (DSAR) process through the Targeted Data Discovery robotic automation for DSAR, a core feature that OneTrust’s customers were seeking in their privacy management software.

Source: OneTrust Vendor Briefing, OneTrust

Our Take

One of the key findings of organizations seeking to enhance their data privacy program and strategy is that mapping the lifecycle of personal data or personally identifiable information (PII) is just one small piece of the ever-expanding puzzle. As such, it becomes apparent that data privacy and data security do not exist in isolation; they are components of an all-encompassing data governance framework. While mapping out the flow and lifecycle of personal data within the organization is an excellent start – and not a task to take lightly – it is just the beginning.

In acquiring Integris and adding the company’s expertise in data discovery and classification to its current gamut of privacy and compliance offerings, OneTrust helps to guide its customers in the direction of strategic data governance. This exemplifies taking a proactive as opposed to reactive approach to how the business and IT manage data, moving away from data privacy as a last-ditch effort and toward a more integrated approach to the data landscape.

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