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People Are Dismissing Slack and Settling for Microsoft Teams

A report from ETR shows that Slack adoption is declining among Large Enterprises, while Teams is gaining market share. SoftwareReviews data suggests that this will be a mistake for the end user.

ETR published a preliminary analysis from its 2H19 Technology Spending Intensions Survey. This report includes the following crushing statements about Slack and highly encouraging statements about Teams (with emphases in original):

  • “… forward-looking 2H enterprise spending intentions for Slack are decelerating significantly versus this time last year (2H18), and versus just three months ago (APR19) – while Microsoft Teams continue to lead the sector.”
  • “Nearly 1 out of every 5 Slack respondents employed by Giant Public & Private organizations indicated they are either Decreasing spend on Slack -6% or worse in 2H/1H or that they intend to Replace Slack in 2H19. This has nearly tripled in the last 12 months.”
  • “Inversely, Microsoft Teams leads the space, as nearly 1 out of every 5 Giant Public and Private organizations that responded on Teams indicated it will be a 'brand new' Adoption for them in 2H19.”

Our Take

Microsoft Teams is free as in puppies. Just as there are costs and time investments required for a free puppy, so too are there with Teams. You need to build integrations, train people, and pay for the Office 365 license. Based on that time, resource, and financial cost, IT is on average less satisfied with Teams than Slack.

Satisfaction That Cost Is Fair Relative to Value

Microsoft Teams




Source: Microsoft Teams at SoftwareReviews and Slack at SoftwareReviews, Reports Published January 2019.

Digging deeper into satisfaction scores, Teams is trailing. IT administrators continuously report higher satisfaction with Slack than with Teams, even when we look at areas that Teams has an advantage: productivity tools and file sharing.

Source: Microsoft Teams at SoftwareReviews and Slack at SoftwareReviews, Reports Published January 2019.

Should an IT department that’s innovative and a strategic business partner be settling for something as crucial and as heavily used as a team collaboration tool? It looks like in large enterprises, this is the case.

Source: Slack at SoftwareReviews, Report Published January 2019.

Source: Microsoft Teams at SoftwareReviews, Report Published January 2019.

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