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OneTrust and Integris: Part I – The Acquisition

Privacy software leader OneTrust adds a fourth vendor to its list of acquisitions with Integris, a leading vendor for data discovery and classification space, as an addition to OneTrust Data Discovery. In the media announcement, OneTrust CEO Kabir Barday expressed the reasoning behind the acquisition being customer driven, stating that “customers have encouraged us to continue to lead the market with innovation in automated data discovery capabilities.” Barday further expressed that Integris was selected as the natural solution due to its leading features and capabilities.

In her statement, Integris founder and CEO Kristina Bergman indicated that the last few months leading up to the acquisition announcement were spent merging the technologies together to create a streamlined solution that capitalizes on the feature sets of both companies.

Both companies leverage AI and automation within their feature sets. OneTrust has recently introduced OneTrust Athena, which layers AI, machine learning, robotic automation, and predictive intelligence within its current data privacy platforms. In addition to its AI-powered data discovery capabilities, Integris’ solution provides capabilities within data privacy and data governance and focuses on both data at rest and data in motion.

Source: IAPP OneTrust Blog, Channele2e, GeekWire, OneTrust, Integris

Our Take

In a recent tech brief, I discussed the trend towards partnering or consolidation of vendors within the data privacy, data discovery and classification, and data security space. OneTrust’s acquisition of Integris’ software follows this methodology of leveraging the expertise of an aligned, reputed brand to enhance the current set of offerings.

As it now stands, OneTrust provides customers with a comprehensive set of capabilities that have their foundations in data privacy and protection and have gradually migrated towards a comprehensive data governance offering. As with many of the acquisitions that have occurred over the recent past (think TrustArc and Nymity, HelpSystems and Boldon James and Titus), vendors are working within a principle of economies of scale. This means continuing to focus on the areas within which they currently specialize while providing additional capabilities by bringing in complementary, best-fit vendors to provide a separate set of offerings. While these acquisitions have been ongoing, it will be interesting to see if the impact of a post-COVID-19 economy will force additional acquisitions and consolidations as companies seek to allocate spending to one vendor as opposed to four different vendors and solutions.

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