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Microsoft Introduces Managed Meeting Rooms to Facilitate Online Meetings

Microsoft announced a new service for managing the hardware and software required to run meetings in Microsoft Teams and Skype. This new solution is a cloud-based service to provide Microsoft Teams meeting rooms with more security and efficient monitoring.

Microsoft’s goal is a more seamless video and audio meeting experience for end users. According to Brad Anderson, Microsoft’s VP for Microsoft 365, the solution instruments all the hardware and software necessary for high-quality meetings. It is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business and enables companies to monitor meeting rooms through a cloud service and make sure that everything is running. Microsoft is testing the solution with over 100 clients managing more than 1,500 meeting rooms in private preview. Managed Meeting Rooms (MMR) will be commercially available in the first half of 2020.

Source: Microsoft Teams at SoftwareReviews, Report Published July 2019

Our Take

Technical issues are an inevitable part of most meetings. MMR would be probably appropriate for organizations looking for freeing up service desk resources that are pulled into meeting room setup. It will deliver a seamless meeting experience to end users by tackling their technical and/or software issues. Details of the new solution are still not publicly available, so interested parties should enrol in the preview or await further details from Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams is still following some other big team collaboration vendors such as Slack (see the following Data Quadrant). Such updates and innovations may differentiate Microsoft Teams from other big collaboration tools by tackling technical issues and providing better video and audio experience to end users.

Source: Team Collaboration at SoftwareReviews, Report Published January 2019

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