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Dynatrace Differentiates Through Ease of Deployment

Dynatrace differentiates its APM solution through ease of deployment. As IT environments continue to become more complex, leading enterprise software vendors will improve their solutions to be more plug-and-play.

For Dynatrace, ease of deployment is a key differentiator for its solution.

For most APM solutions, deploying the agent on a host requires IT administrators to make configuration changes to allow the tool to work properly.

Often the admins will need to know which supported language was used to write the application running on that host and will have to make other changes to the OS either manually or through a configuration management or infrastructure automation tool.

In many cases, deploying agents to all the hosts in an organization’s environment can be a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process. IT administrators may want to reference documentation, which might not exist or might not be accurate.

Installation of Dynatrace is much more straightforward. IT administrators download the agent with one command, and with another command, run a shell script that installs the agent on the host. It’s important to note that this is a single-command, single-deployment operation, regardless of the use case. Dynatrace refers to this as the “One Agent.”

Our Take

Faster deployment means that IT administrators can focus their time and effort on learning how to use Dynatrace to its full capabilities, rather than manually configuring servers to deploy it.

As IT environments continue to become more complex with the layering of new technology and increasing pace of change that comes with the public cloud, IT professionals will be looking more and more to enterprise software vendors to provide an easy deployment for a faster time to value.

The whole purpose of buying enterprise software is to leverage the expertise of the vendor to do the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, all too often, lengthy and time-consuming deployments make COTS deployments into major projects for the IT team.

Ease of deployment is a valuable differentiator, and Info-Tech expects that other technology vendors will aim to make their solutions more plug-and-play.

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