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Dynatrace Extends End-to-End Monitoring to Business Value

Dynatrace offers digital business analytics in addition to full stack end-to-end monitoring. The tool’s capabilities work to bridge the gap between infrastructure & operations teams and the business side of the house.

APM vendor Dynatrace has been expanding its solutions capabilities for the business users within its customer base.

Dynatrace offers full-stack, end-to-end monitoring that provides deep yet targeted visibility into an application. The tool is able to auto-discover dependencies and view transactions across a complex architecture of microservices, the performance of any of which might be impacted by the network, storage, or logs.

In addition to making it easier to run applications at higher performance with greater availability, Dynatrace has expanded the capabilities of its solution on the business side, for instance, on digital analytics and user behavior monitoring.

Dynatrace users can analyze the behavior of individual users on their platform and can even produce visual replays of the sessions of individual users.

An e-commerce company, for example, might see that its conversions are dropping due to an update on a specific page. An insurance company could look to see how many times one of its customers moves back and forth between different screens, which can help them to detect fraud.

Dynatrace offers its customers these advanced capabilities without requiring their engineering teams to make any code changes or deploy additional instrumentation to their technology stack.

Our Take

The advanced observability and digital business analytics capabilities represent a large play on the business side of Dynatrace’s customers.

More business-savvy technology professionals have always known that everything is about the business, but traditional monitoring solutions were often heavily siloed.

Old-school tooling produces different sets of metrics for applications, infrastructure, end-user behavior, and the business. This results in a smorgasbord of dashboards with no actionable takeaways to improve customer experience or business outcomes.

This expansion of Dynatrace’s capabilities into the realm of user experience and digital analytics aligns with the cultural shift and process shift in (Biz)DevOps, which is really about how all aspects of the chain throughout the organization combine to provide value to end customers (i.e. not just about Dev and Ops).

For now, it’s still primarily Infrastructure & Operations teams that are driving the purchasing decision for most end-to-end monitoring solutions, and Dynatrace often employs a land-and-expand approach to extend its additional capabilities to other groups within its customers’ organizations.

In the future, however, it’s possible that business users could become some of the primary decision makers in purchasing decisions for Dynatrace and competing end-to-end monitoring solutions.

The expansion of Dynatrace’s capabilities is just one more development in line with the transformation of organizations to break down silos to focus on efficient delivery of value for their end customers.

Many organizations have a long journey ahead of them if they want to break down those silos to truly transform their way of working. These journeys will involve expanding capabilities on the people and process side of things in addition to leveraging the full capabilities of innovative solutions on the technology side.

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