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Facebook Will Pay Illinois Users $550-Million Settlement Over Its Use of FRT - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

Facebook agreed to pay $550 million to settle a class action lawsuit with a group of users in Illinois over its use of facial recognition technology (FRT) to tag individuals in photographs, reports the BBC.

Alphabet Draws Shareholder Ire Over Human Rights – Again - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Brief

Alphabet is facing backlash from its shareholders over its approach to digital privacy, reports the Financial Times. And not for the first time. This time, however, things will need to change.

Privacy Regulation Roundup - Security Note

This Privacy Regulation Roundup summarizes the latest major global privacy regulatory development, announcements, and changes. This report is updated on a monthly basis.

Dutch Court Halts Use of AI for Detecting Welfare Fraud - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

In a landmark ruling, a Dutch court has ordered an immediate halt to the government’s use of an automated system for detection of welfare fraud.

Clearview AI Demonstrates the Dangers of Facial Recognition - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

Facial recognition technologies (FRTs) are in the news again. This time, it is Clearview AI, a small company that until recently was virtually unknown to everyone except the 600 law enforcement agencies using its technology to match people’s photos to their online presence.

Amazon Is Offering Its Cashierless Store Technology to Other Retailers - Data & Business Intelligence Tech Note

Amazon is offering its cashierless store technology to other retailers. The technology known as “Just Walk Out” eliminates checkout lines, offering an “effortless” shopping experience and shifting store associates to “more valuable activities”.

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