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Respond Effectively to COVID-19

IT departments must take the lead on pandemic response planning.

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COVID-19 still has a lot of unknowns. Despite efforts by international and regional health authorities, misinformation and misinterpretation of available information are complicating the situation as individuals and organizations seek to quickly understand the risks posed to themselves and others.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • There is time to prepare for the impact COVID-19 is having – and will have – on organizations worldwide, but the window is closing. The time to prepare your pandemic response plan is now!
  • Look at ensuring communication channels are open and a plan for regular important updates are in place.
  • Create a small cross-functional team to make decisions, share information, and avoid bureaucracy.
  • Review, update, and deploy your business continuity plan.

Impact and Result

What you need to know about COVID-19 and what can you do to prepare NOW:

  • Take immediate actions to provide calm and information, assign clear accountability, address work travel, promote proper hygiene, and limit the opportunity for the virus to spread in your organization.
  • Monitor updates daily from reputable health authorities about the spread of COVID-19.
  • Begin or review crisis management and business continuity planning for the inevitable impact to your organization as the situation deteriorates globally.

Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our Executive Summary to understand how all the pieces fit together and how to form a rational and productive response to pandemics.

1. Plan to support remote work

Working from home will not be optional during a pandemic, and HR needs to be able to support hundreds or thousands of remote workers. Equip managers and employees with information and guidance to set them up for success and address key implementation issues and cultural barriers.

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Published: March 4, 2020
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